Making Your Leadership Count

The stakes are high. When challenges come, where do you turn?

Through GLN, you will discover world-class leadership development that equips and inspires for transformation.

Become Equipped and Inspired

Through GLN, growing your leadership is made affordable and achievable:


Craig Groeschel speaking at the GLS

–Receive world-class leadership development
–Discover key takeaways and implement valuable lessons
–Experience growth in key competencies


Your Leadership Matters



We believe God has placed you within your sphere of influence for a purpose—your leadership matters. For 25 years, we have brought training and inspiration to thousands of churches and Christians across the UK & Ireland. Nowadays, the primary thrust for this is the annual Global Leadership Summit – the world’s largest leadership event with over 400,000+ attenders worldwide each year.


Two days of superlative content from gifted speakers has recharged my batteries for coming challenges.
–Bill Meyer, Church Leader, GLS


Aja Brown at the GLS



Steps to Growing Your Leadership



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Start Learning

Access the world-class learning opportunities we send your way.

Grow Your Leadership

Apply your learning and lead yourself, others and your organisation into growth and impact.



How Can You Meet Your Leadership Challenges and Influence Change?


Liz Bohannon at the GLS

There are times in leadership when we all need inspiration to keep going – and there are moments when we don’t know what to do. When those moments come, where do you turn? 

At GLN, we are committed to helping you steward your influence and live out your purpose. Through our tools and services, we inspire and equip world-class leadership that ignites transformation.

The Global Leadership Summit provides you with fresh, actionable and inspiring content from a world-class line-up of speakers. You and your team gain a blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills. Plus, it is annual, affordable and accessible. 

You have access to year-round GLS resources designed to help you lead yourself, others and your organisation better. You can develop in key competencies through a framework that helps you grow at your own pace.

You can also connect with others and go deeper on learning and application at local and online events throughout the year.

Make your growth a priority and be ready to meet your challenges. Start growing your leadership now and influence the change you want to see.  


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