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2018 Conference Sneak Peek

Hope of the World – Leading for Mission Conference 2018

An Interview with Sarah Richards

Sarah RichardsSarah Richards is co-founder and executive leader of Cornerstone Church. Sarah serves on the Board of WCA UK & Ireland and the planning team for ‘Hope of the World–Leading for Mission Conference.’ She is part of the Pioneer Leadership Team and on the leadership of New Wine Cymru. Bringing years of experience of community outreach in Swansea, Sarah helped to plan and implement the 2017 evangelistic mission to Wales through the New Wine Wales network of churches.

Why ‘Leading for Mission’ as the theme for the conference?
We are in a new season of incredible openness to the gospel in the UK. Our own experiences this last year running a national mission through New Wine Wales & friends has shown an astonishing response to the gospel, one-to-one. We’ve all seen the UK stats from the Barna/EA Talking Jesus report that revealed a positive warmth towards Christians that people know. Local churches are reporting increased interest. It is an exciting time, and we need to be asking questions like, as church are we ready? How do we mobilise our people to engage? What opportunities and challenges does this open season bring? How do we take our current engagement to new levels in this season?

How will this conference help?
Bill Hybels is renowned for his heart for the lost. Together with his outstanding leadership clarity, the timing couldn’t be better for him to lead an evangelism-focused conference with other practitioners to invest in this current open season. The conference will focus on leadership tools for equipping the local church with fresh vision, insights into the current season and cultural trends for 2020 and beyond. Plus, there’ll be practical take-homes to develop strategy, real-life stories and a pooling of ideas that are currently working in the UK context.

What will the conference be covering?
Together we’ll be looking at creating clarity for local buy-in; effective vision-casting and mobilising of an evangelism-shy workforce; renewed confidence in the gospel; long-term local church strategy for mission; creating accessible church aligned across every ministry area; future proofing for 2020 and beyond–understanding cultural change ahead of the curve; and exploring ways to reach and disciple a blank-canvas generation.

Is the conference live?!
Yes! Bill Hybels will be with us, speaking to open and close the conference. In between that, we’ll have a 2-day flow similar to the GLS but with live speakers from both the US and the UK. It’s going to be a great 2 days, so do book in soon while we still have the Super Early Bird and the Team ‘6 for 5’ offer. See you there!


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