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Willow Creek Association Announces Independent Investigation

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On, Sunday, August 5, the New York Times released an article accusing Bill Hybels of sexual sin and abuse of power against a former executive assistant. Let us be clear, the behavior Bill has been accused of is reprehensible. For many weeks we have been working together with Willow Creek Community Church in seeking an independent investigation as requested by the victims to examine any and all accusations made and any others in the future.

We will be announcing more details at The Global Leadership Summit about the formation of an advisory council made up of external Christian leaders from across the United States who will oversee an independent investigation. We have been working for several weeks in forming this council. They will have full autonomy and authority to conduct this investigation. Furthermore, an outside anonymous donor has come forward to completely cover the cost of this investigation to ensure there is no undue influence on the process and the conclusions. We continue to trust God to be our Guide through this painful season as we seek truth and justice.

Bill’s engagement with the Summit and Willow Creek Association was completely severed in early April. He has had no involvement in the 2018 Summit or Willow Creek Association since, and there is no path for him to return.

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