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Please read: We need your help

Dear Friends,

Can you help us in our work with UK & Ireland leaders in 2022 and beyond?

As you will understand, our mission has become much more difficult with the arrival of the Covid pandemic.

Whilst we moved to a digital model, the reality is that we have been unable to generate the financial resources needed for the mission.

What we’ve done

As you’d expect, we have responded by cutting costs dramatically. Unfortunately, this has included tough decisions about staffing.

Thankfully, we have great volunteers to help us bridge the gap in the short term.

Where we’re heading

This is the exciting part… if you can help us!

We now offer greater flexibility to support your local mission through the GLS.

GLS Webinars, GLS Special Editions and GLS22

Firstly, with the help of committed host partners, we’ve scheduled events for 2022 so you can look forward to…

  • an excellent line-up of GLS Webinars from January to July
  • GLS Special Editions for church, health and business in the spring
  • GLS 2022 in the autumn

We can also now offer churches the opportunity to host their own GLS event – either live or online – for groups as small as 10. This means you can use it in-house or for your local community. You even have the flexibility to run it in your preferred format – in a day or over several weeks.

Other new opportunities

In addition, we want to take the impact and versatility of the GLS into:

  • Prisons
  • Youth programmes
  • Programmes for the homeless and financially disadvantaged

If you’ve seen any of the GLS ‘grander vision’ stories, you’ll already have an insight into the exciting potential of these opportunities.

Longer term vision

We like to say, ‘When the leader gets better, everyone wins.’ But it’s also true that when leadership is lacking, everyone’s affected. And right now, and for the years to come, the demands on leaders are great.

With your help, we aim to fuel great leadership to make a Kingdom difference in homes, schools, businesses, churches, charities, prisons, hospitals and more.

In a time when true leadership is desperately needed, the GLS is available for you to leverage wherever you are. It can help you serve your community with inspiration and practical learning whilst opening the door for the gospel in new ways.

That’s why we are committed to:

  • Maintaining the quality of the content, curated for relevance and application
  • Providing opportunity for community around the content
  • Keeping it affordable for you and your teams
  • Making it an adaptable tool for you to use locally – and powerfully!
How you can help

Having highlighted where we’ve come from and where we would like to go, here is how you can help. There are several ways:


Without funds, we cannot accomplish the vision and goals we believe are attainable in the years to come.

2022 is shored-up with voluntary and contract support, but we need cash to help us regain momentum for the longer term and achieve our mission.

Could you…

Partner in the mission

Become a GLS Local host: Details >>


Do you have skills you could offer us, either voluntarily or at a discounted rate for a short-term period? Please get in touch >>

Be an active advocate
  • Can you recommend GLS22 to others and encourage them to come?
  • Can you engage on social media and help raise awareness?
  • Can you forward our emails to others who may benefit?
Complete our survey

Please help us make the right decisions by telling us what you need and how we can best serve you. Complete survey >>


Please pray for wisdom in our decision making and the practicalities of moving forward.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope it has enlightened you not only about the challenges but also the amazing opportunities facing GLN UK & Ireland.

We’re grateful for whatever support you can offer to help the ministry:

  • use the GLS as a catalyst for change
  • support Christian influence in multiple sectors
  • bring transformation and Kingdom growth

In Christ and for His cause,

Roger FairheadMark Faithfull






Roger Fairhead, CEO
and Mark Faithfull, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Global Leadership Network, UK/Ireland


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