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A Grander Vision – Eternal Wall of Prayer

Revisit this Grander Vision film shown at GLS19 for the Eternal Wall of Prayer.
GLN UKI is pleased to support the campaign for this incredible landmark.

Eternal Wall of Prayer concept

Dear Friends,

Join us to Make Hope Visible in the UK!

If ever our nation needed hope, it’s now. Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will make hope visible!

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a stunning landmark that will be built in the heart of the UK next year but we need your help to make it a reality. Our crowdfunding campaign is now live – please consider adding your own support!

Over twice the height of the Angel of the North and large enough for Buckingham Palace to fit under its arch, Eternal Wall will be visible from over 6 miles away. Adjacent to the M6 & M42 motorways, HS2 and the flight path of Birmingham Airport, this piece of public art will be seen by half a million journeys every week, encouraging a national conversation about prayer.

Every one of its million bricks will reveal a story from an individual, remembering how Jesus answered their prayer. The landmark will show the world that Jesus is alive, He listens and He answers prayer today. Using a bespoke app, visitors can point their phone to a brick to explore the unique answered prayer it displays.

For each brick in Eternal Wall, a brick will be donated to social housing – so not only is this landmark making hope visible; it is also planting seeds of hope that will meet others at their point of greatest need, and help change their narrative to one of restoration.

Please join us in getting involved: Eternal Wall’s public crowdfunding campaign is now live and needs your help to raise the funds needed to start building this landmark. Every donation, every answered prayer submitted, moves us another step closer to opening and bringing hope to the nation. This landmark is crowd-sourced and crowd-funded, so it only works when thousands of people give their support and share their answered prayers. Be part of something amazing, and join us by donating to the crowdfunding campaign, signing up to our newsletter and sharing about Eternal Wall with your contacts; or add your own answered prayer to Eternal Wall*.

Thank you for helping make hope visible!

With every blessing
Roger Fairhead