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Making Your Dream a Reality Part 7 – Paul Bangs

Guest Blogger Paul Bangs is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach. He kindly responded to our request to provide an inspirational series for the ‘Lead & Learn’ site. Over the GLS season, Paul will be sharing how we can make our dream a reality. The programme is inspired by John C Maxwell’s book “Put Your Dream to the Test.”

Define Your Goals

The more clearly I see my dream the more I will be able to see my purpose. Keep your dream constantly in front of you -it will help you understand the sacrifice you must make to achieve it. It will keep you focused – clarity of vision creates clarity of priorities.

A big dream always requires the help of others. If the rest of the team don’t understand what the goal is then the goal won’t be achieved. You need to know the end before you start otherwise your team will never be able to fulfil the vision. Followers don’t give their best to something they don’t understand. People don’t stay on course for something they cannot see.

If you want to test how well the team understand the vision, ask each of your key people to write out on a three-by-five card what they think the vision is. You are likely to get a variety of answers and the energy of the church will be unfocused. They must all share a common dream.

Hammer out your core values and common vision and as you do, the energy of the leaders will increase, they will carry it to the rest of the congregation and growth will follow. Only those that are able to see their dream are able to seize it.

The oil billionaire, M.L. Hunt, once said “there are two secrets to being successful: Decide exactly what you want. Determine the price that you will have to pay. Then resolve to pay it.”

If you are seeking God for your dream, the same rules apply: it’s not just for leaders but you too.

Set SMART Goals

S Specific Clearly defined and tangible. Vague goals are not goals at all.
M Measurable So we can easily determine when we have achieved them.
A Achievable Not over-easy, but not so stretching as to be virtually out of reach.
R Realistic Directly relevant, practical, not fanciful
T Time-Bound Include a sensible time limit within we aim to achieve them.

Think big. Let your imagination go into overdrive. You can always trim back later. The process is not done overnight, it will take time to fully develop unless you can lock yourself away for two or three days then you might get most of it done in one sitting.

To be continued…


The Series

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About Guest Blogger Paul Bangs – In His Own Words

Paul is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach and is licensed to deliver the John Maxwell EQUIP leadership programmes. Paul has travelled to many nations ministering and teaching. His passion is to preach the Gospel and reach out to those who want to achieve more.

“I do not charge fees for my business and life programmes but only asks that my expenses are covered; any additional gifts are used for mission trips into nations such as Uganda. All programmes are biblically based and offer great outreach opportunities to leaders, the business market place and to individuals seeking to achieve more.”

For more information on Paul’s programmes go to www.paulbangs.co.uk


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