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Making Your Dream a Reality Part 14 – Paul Bangs

Guest Blogger Paul Bangs is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach. He kindly responded to our request to provide an inspirational series for the ‘Lead & Learn’ site. Over the GLS season, Paul will be sharing how we can make our dream a reality. The programme is inspired by John C Maxwell’s book “Put Your Dream to the Test.”

Be a Team Builder – Choose Your Team

People don’t buy into what they don’t feel, so show them the dream from their perspective. Show them how they will benefit: people do things for their reasons and not ours. Marketing experts say that you need to hear an idea seven times before you buy into it and embrace it as your own.

10{%} of people are pioneers, 70{%} are settlers and 20{%} are antagonistic. Get the pioneers on board as quickly as you can, wait for the settlers to catch up and then move on leaving the antagonistic ones as far behind as possible. Help people see the benefits and connect with the opportunities.

Transfer the dream visually: make it real to them, bring it to life, paint verbal pictures, use photographs, drawings or film.

Often people don’t want the dream but they want the result of the dream. To reach the dream takes hard work, sacrifice, sometimes it is uncomfortable and messy and not everybody is willing to pay the price (even if they would love the results).

If you do all you can to live your dream then enough people will go with you and buy into it. Sports coaches have the dream but the team have to buy into it and make the sacrifice. Coaches don’t win games: the team wins – but the team has to buy
into the dream of the coach. Great coaches get great results by transferring the dream to the team. Also great coaches attract great players. The size of your dream determines the size of the people who will be attracted to it.

Make a list of who is already in your team, what are their skills and abilities and are they people who inspire you, who will tell you the truth and whose skills complement yours? They must be people who will help you achieve your dream, who will contribute to it and not hinder it.

To be continued…


The Series

{%}Making Your Dream a Reality{%}


About Guest Blogger Paul Bangs – In His Own Words

Paul is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach and is licensed to deliver the John Maxwell EQUIP leadership programmes. Paul has travelled to many nations ministering and teaching. His passion is to preach the Gospel and reach out to those who want to achieve more.

“I do not charge fees for my business and life programmes but only asks that my expenses are covered; any additional gifts are used for mission trips into nations such as Uganda. All programmes are biblically based and offer great outreach opportunities to leaders, the business market place and to individuals seeking to achieve more.”

For more information on Paul’s programmes go to www.paulbangs.co.uk


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