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Making Your Dream a Reality Part 13 – Paul Bangs

Guest Blogger Paul Bangs is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach. He kindly responded to our request to provide an inspirational series for the ‘Lead & Learn’ site. Over the GLS season, Paul will be sharing how we can make our dream a reality. The programme is inspired by John C Maxwell’s book “Put Your Dream to the Test.”

Be a Team Builder – Choose Your Team

Get help along the way: if your dream is big enough then it will require help from others. Be a team builder and make sure you have people on your team who are as good as (or better than) you.

A team multiplies effectiveness, it makes you better than you alone, and it allows you to invest into those alongside you. It also frees up time for you to do the things only you can do. Team members will increase your vision and it is always better to work with others rather than in isolation. Be prepared to help others build their dreams; don’t just take but give. Often when we give to others we help build our own dreams.

John Maxwell teaches:

  • Some people have a dream but no team – their dream is impossible.
  • Some people have a dream but a bad team – their dream is a nightmare.
  • Some people have a dream and are building a team – their dream has potential.
  • Some people have a dream and a great team – their dream is inevitable.

It’s not enough to have a dream: you must also have a dream team. You can examine the story of any successful person who has achieved a dream and you will find that he or she is surrounded by people who helped make it happen. Who are the right
people to have on your team? That will depend on the dream.

They must be people who:

  • Inspire you.
  • Are interested in your success.
  • Respond and add to your ideas.
  • Help you become the best you can become.
  • Help you learn and grow.
  • Take time to give you honest feedback.
  • Encourage you unconditionally.
  • Only accept excellence and help you learn from any mistakes that are made along the way.
  • People whose skills complement yours.

To be continued…


The Series

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About Guest Blogger Paul Bangs – In His Own Words

Paul is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach and is licensed to deliver the John Maxwell EQUIP leadership programmes. Paul has travelled to many nations ministering and teaching. His passion is to preach the Gospel and reach out to those who want to achieve more.

“I do not charge fees for my business and life programmes but only asks that my expenses are covered; any additional gifts are used for mission trips into nations such as Uganda. All programmes are biblically based and offer great outreach opportunities to leaders, the business market place and to individuals seeking to achieve more.”

For more information on Paul’s programmes go to www.paulbangs.co.uk


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