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Guided By The Spirit – Helen Paris

Today in New Zealand is “Waitangi Day” which is a public holiday and signifies when the British Crown signed with the Maori chiefs, New Zealand’s forming document known as the Treaty of Waitangi back in 1840.

Most years, it is marked with protests by the Maori people airing their grievances on land that was confiscated by the colonial government in reparation for when the Maori’s rebelled during a period of history known as the Maori Wars.

On the brighter side it is now celebrated as day of national unity as the face of New Zealand has changed, as has the UK with the influx of immigration bringing with it cultural diversity. The church in New Zealand also reflects this with churches where Korean, Chinese, Indian and those from the Pacific Islands, meet in their communities to worship.

As Graeme continues through the Book of Acts in our daily reading, we see Paul and others bringing the good news of Jesus to new lands, contending for its truth and the resulting influx of new believers and churches were born.

In New Zealand, in the 1840’s, a Presbyterian minister named the Reverend Samuel Marsden landed in the North Island preaching to the Maori people and to colonists, as well as to the many sailors from the whaling ships who were notorious for their drinking and riotous behaviour in a place called Russell that had a reputation as the Hell Hole of the Pacific. Yet hearts were changed through the power of the Holy Spirit, churches were built and more missionaries arrived and so today the same truth is preached through many “life giving” churches across this nation and people are coming to know Christ as Lord and Saviour – isn’t that wonderful!!!

This letter may sound like a history lesson as the Book of Acts can be seen to be, but it is still the directional power of the Holy Spirit that has continued to guide godly men and women since Paul’s day to reach out with the Good News – isn’t that comforting.

Every blessing to you  and may you be guided by the Holy Spirit in all that you do and say.

February 2010
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