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GLS Facilitator Training – Segment 4

Facilitation and Process Time – Heart Session


  • Demonstration ( from Wes Stafford’s session – ‘Forgiveness’ GLS2009

Tips before viewing the message:

  • Get people ready – encourage an engagement of the heart.
  • Aim at a seamless transition from what has gone before to what is to come

Tips after viewing the message:

  • Be open to God at work – consider praying corporately, but also encourage a personal response – use quietness to allow people space to respond to God’s Spirit
  • Help the delegates to personally engage – model openness and vulnerability – offer one brief personal example.
  • Encourage group discussions and ‘read the room’ – be prepared to finish earlier if the delegates are getting restless.
  • Use the process tools in the notebook – select a couple of questions/ or use the facilitators’ notes provided.
  • Keep the big picture in mind – it is not about you as facilitator – you are a guide to help focus people on the content.

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