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GLS 2013 Chicago Feedback – Various

Well, once again, it was amazing! Just under 100 leaders from the UK and Ireland attended the live event at Willow Creek and here is some of their feedback:

I heard about GLS last year February (2012) and decided to go to Chicago in August to attend Global Leadership Summit. Last year after attending GLS my life and ministry was transformed, there was a remarkable change in my life and the church I am pastoring in Dublin.  I was practically taken to another level of ministry & leadership experience. It was like scales blocking my sight dropped out of my eyes.
Last year, I knew I had to fold my sleeves and get back to work. I couldn’t resist going back to Chicago GLS 2013 and I was blown away by great teachings from world class experienced and successful leaders, who shared from their failures and their successes. It was a breath-taking experience for me with all the professionals.
Because of the two years wonderful experience of GLS, I am registering 17 people from my team to start with (for the October Summit in Dublin) and as time goes on and resources improve the team will increase.
Glory to God!
Lesado Nathan, Jesus Centre, Dublin  

Having read about ‘Willow Creek’ for around 30 years, and having listened to and read so much of their output, it was an inspiration beyond words to be in attendance in Chicago for the ‘GLS’ 2013. The teaching was first class, but my wife and I were especially impacted by finding ourselves sitting next to a couple of ‘Creekers’, who were so welcoming, and their love for their church was self-evident. They spoke volumes about ‘Willow’ in who they were.
Stephen Thompson, The King’s Church, Boston Spa 

In a word the line-up of speakers for 2013 was ‘outstanding’. We began Day 2 thinking that it couldn’t possibly be as good as Day 1 and yet expectations were exceeded. A great balance between inspiration and practical tools, with a dash of humour and beauty. Try not to miss it.
Karen West, Archbishops’ Adviser on Bishops’ Ministry The Wash House, Lambeth Palace, London    

The Summit has a God-given touch to move leaders from despair to hope, from fear to faith and from here to there! Every Church leader should clear their diary and expose their heart & mind to the impact of this year’s Summit. It’s not merely an event that happens, it’s an experience that lives on.
Alan L Hewitt, Hope Church, Newtown, Wales

Looking at the schedule of speakers ahead of time, I suspected there’d be the odd session where I could zone out and recalibrate…that just did not happen. From challenge to practical thoughts and back to challenge again, this year’s GLS is crammed with take-outs.
If you are privileged to lead in any setting, I’d encourage you to invest a couple of days in yourself and in the words of Bill Hybels…’face our fear and be courageous to overcome cowardice – we are some people’s only hope.
Jonathan Shearman, Christian Centre Nottingham 

Every year we fear that the next summit cannot possibly surpass the previous one.  You need not worry about this year’s GLS.  My group had our best time and the content of the Summit is better than ever.  Each member of the group returned resourced, motivated and frankly as serious as I have seen them to apply the tools they were given to further the work of the Kingdom.  I can’t give you any better advice than this – Just be there! 
Rt Revd Mike Hill, The Bishop of Bristol

I’ve been to five or six summits and this one was without question the best.  Day 1 was packed with inspirational presentations. I though day 2 couldn’t possibly reach the same heights but by lunchtime I realised it had. I am already applying some of the ideas I came home with. Congratulations to all at Willow Creek for a magnificent event. 
Steve Kent, St James, Gerrards Cross 

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We look forward to bringing the GLS to 18 venues around the UK and Ireland this October/November.