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When Pastors Forget That They Are Human – Wayne Cordeiro

Video. At the Global Leadership Summit 2009, Bill Hybels spoke at the end of his talk about the need to be sure we were leading from a place of strength or “a filled-up bucket”, and I know it resonated with many leaders there as it did with me.

It is hard to lead from a depleted state or an “empty bucket”. I’m sad to say that I have witnessed, [private_WCA UK and Ireland]as I’m sure you have, friends and colleagues in ministry who have “burnt out” through stress and pressure and it can be avoided. As a way to highlight this to you or create awareness of this slow-creeping, one straw at a time problem, we are showing below Wayne Cordeiro’s excellent Summit 2006 session, Dead Leader Running. I suggest you include your team and urge you to set aside time to consider this issue.
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Dead Leader Running is a Global Leadership Summit 2006 Team DVD Session – more details
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