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Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Vision

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create a children’s ministry that kids would be irresistibly drawn to? Can a children’s ministry program really be the BEST hour of the week for both children and adult volunteers?

Think of a place where children would have so much fun learning about how awesome God is that they wouldn’t want to miss a single week…where the music is so contemporary and engaging that the children leave humming the tunes, and the words help them remember biblical truths all week long…where creative teaching techniques, video and drama are effectively used to teach this media-driven generation about how to live the Christian life at home, at school, and in their neighborhoods… where Small Group Leaders love and encourage children while modelling Jesus.

Think of  a ministry where adult volunteers would serve with great joy and passion knowing there were influencing the next generation of Christ’s followers. That was the kind of place Willow Creek Community Church wanted its children’s ministry to become.


The Willow Creek Children’s Ministry Team

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  • Pastor Paul babu

    Dear Team !
    Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,I hope you are doing well by grace of God.We are so blessed by your website.We appreciate your ministry and thank God for your family and ministry the way you are doing for the glory of God.We would like to have your contact and fellowship with you.We need your teaching and encouragement for Orphan children and youth ministry at villages and unreached places.Kindly pray for our ministry in India.I am looking forward for your email.May God bless your Team and ministry.

    In His service
    Pastor B.Paul Babu.