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A Leaders Gathering with John Burke – February 7th & 8th


We are very much looking forward to John Burke’s return visit in February. Do come with your leadership team if you can!

Here’s some feedback from his 2010 visit for your interest:

It was great to be taught by a leader of a large church who is down to earth and passionate about broken people.  Sometimes I come away from conferences thinking “we will never be able to do that”.  In contrast, John instilled a confidence in the life changing power of Christ. Gareth Benton, The Kings Church, Southsea

It was a great day – I could have listened to John for 2 days. Having read ‘No Perfect People’ it was great to hear from him about his experiences and how it has changed Gateway. The idea and concept seems so simple, and I thank the Lord for what He has done to that Church, and to others around the world. Please keep putting on days like this… Captain Alistair Mann, COMMANDING OFFICER – Glasgow West Corps

The quality of the input from John Burke was very good indeed, very stimulating, challenging and thought provoking. Peter Hunter, Christ Church Warminster

This was an excellent conference – it was so good to get under the skin of the book that I had read and found so influential in my thinking. What I have heard again and again is that life change is one on one and one person at a time. This is the bedrock of church growth and organisations and programmes and quick fixes are not the answer – all is for mission and all are to be doing this and this needs to be constantly repeated, taught and done ourselves as the leaders of the church. As you can see I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it very challenging! Martin Wainwright, St Mary’s, Camberley

In ministry we all need fresh encounters with God to sustain us. I felt God speak to me personally on Friday as John Burke taught. There were moments when things that he was teaching resonated with things God has been saying to me and when that happens it is awesome!  Our leadership team enjoyed the day finding it encouraging as we are already on the journey of creating a Grace culture in church and developing missional communities. The session on Soul Revolution gave us fresh ideas to try out with our people. Thank you for arranging the day and for the welcome we all received. God Bless. Jacqui Green (Revd), Senior Minister, Stony Stratford Community Church (member of Baptist Union)

John Burke was able to do something remarkable on this conference – he was able to take concepts and ideas that are clearly being used by God at his church and apply them to a different culture and context. He clearly understood what is happening in the UK and his teaching was insightful and applicable. Thanks for a great day. Chris Porter, Easthampstead Baptist Church

I felt sitting listening to John Burke last Friday that I was being confirmed in my understanding of what we as a church should be doing – just reaching out/sowing seeds with people just as they are… Shirley Wallis, Flackwell Heath Methodist Church

As a church leader I love opportunities to be challenged and to reflect on priorities & vision … time to hear from God. John Burke’s teaching was thought provoking and inspiring.  I came away recharged. Gordon Tuck, Senior Pastor, Testwood Baptist Church

Despite the alarming loss of people in many of our Churches and the continuing insularity of some of them, there is a real sign of hope appearing from the gloom.  What is it?  ‘No perfect people allowed,’ at last we are saying, “you are welcome and valued.”  John Burke has been changing my Church for some time, and yet again, inspired us to be bold, brave and ready. Norman Dix, Oak Community Church 

The day started well and just got better! John Burke articulated many things that I’ve been thinking about for some time. He presented some simple yet profound principles that serve well any church seeking to build believers and reach those who are far from God. Richard Pool, Upminster Baptist Church

The day was about breaking down barriers and building bridges that God can use. Tim Cullen, Oakham Baptist Church 

John Burke is an excellent communicator and I would recommend this conference to any leader who is serious about addressing the issues facing the church today. Any conference that leaves me with two big questions either of which could potentially change/wreck my life has got to be worth going to… this conference has had a valuable input. Alan Price, Community Church Bourne End, Slough

A great conference to learn how to reach the post-modern generation! Mark Turner, Barrow upon Soar Baptist Church

I found the conference very thought provoking. Church leaders need to grasp the fundamental truth that Jesus has already modelled an effective method of leading, discipling and releasing individuals to spread the Gospel in words and actions. John Burke presented his own personal experiences with humility, conviction and passion. And it so was refreshing to hear about the ‘how to’ as well as the ‘why to’… Thanks again for a great event Tim Curry, Broughton Community Church, Wendover

Sadly I was only able to stay for the first of the three sessions.  I was however greatly uplifted and encouraged with the message: ‘No perfect people allowed,’ and the clear application of Grace for the ‘process.’  What a wonderful way to do church, with the seekers, for the seekers enhanced by believers, wow Jesus would be delighted.  Thank you.  I am now off to order the other sessions on your web site. Blessings in Christ Mandie Shirnia, St John’s, Egham  

John Burke was an excellent speaker and gave me so much to think about.   A lot of what he said was very challenging and will take a bit of working through with regard to how it can be applied.   That said his teaching on acceptance of people where they are at, of patience, time and understanding and of relying on the Holy Spirit in the midst of this was brilliant. Mary Fleming, Jubilee Community Church