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A Leaders Gathering – Edited Version

Hi Gary

These edits are taken from the Leaders Gathering at Stafford in February.

The idea is to create an online ‘leadership masterclass’ to add value to WCA membership and tie-in with our GLS run-up.

I’ve been careful to edit out any potentially sensitive material, leaving us with a great resource on leadership principles from Bill. Of course, if you think further editing needs to be done, we’ll do that.

All the edits are listed below. If you and Bill are agreeable, the idea is to create an ‘online class’ in a more presentable format. We propose to create a CD-Set out of it also.

Here you go:

Leadership Masterclass | Session 1

1.1 Being Appropriately Challenged in Your Role (4mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-1.mp3 height=45 /]

1.2 ‘Fit Concerns’ and Retaining and Developing the Right People (17 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-2.mp3 height=45 /]

1.3 Chemistry (8 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-3.mp3 height=45 /]

1.4 Employment Law and Employee Reviews (14 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-4.mp3 height=45 /]

1.5 Paid Staff in Small Churches (1 min)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-5.mp3 height=45 /]

1.6 Volunteers and the Tough Conversations (4 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-6.mp3 height=45 /]

1.7 Staying True to How You’re Wired-Up for Leadership (2 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-7.mp3 height=45 /]

1.8 Volunteer Excellence (12 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg1-8.mp3 height=45 /]

Session 2

2.1 Leadership and Spiritual Gifts (11 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-1.mp3 height=45 /]

2.2 Your Level of Leadership (7 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-2.mp3 height=45 /]

2.3 Looking for Emerging Leaders (5 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-3.mp3 height=45 /]

2.4 Leading Laterally (4 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-4.mp3 height=45 /]

2.5 Giving People Responsibility Before They’re Ready (5 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-5.mp3 height=45 /]

2.6 Advice for Young Pastors: It’s About Building Acts 2 Churches (Not BIG Churches) (6 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-6.mp3 height=45 /]

2.7 Advice for Young Pastors: It’s About Servanthood (Not Celebrity) (10 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-7.mp3 height=45 /]

2.8 Integrating a New Leader into an Established Team (2 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-8.mp3 height=45 /]

2.9 Building a Multicultural Church (6 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-9.mp3 height=45 /]

2.10 Preparing the Ground for Women Leaders (3 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-10.mp3 height=45 /]

2.11 Breaking through the Growth Barriers (11 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg2-11.mp3 height=45 /]

Session 3

3.1 Leading a Community, a Cause and a Corporation (16 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-1.mp3 height=45 /]

3.2 Time Management, Energy Bursts and What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do (13 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-2.mp3 height=45 /]

3.3 One of Your Best Friends in Leadership (10 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-3.mp3 height=45 /]

3.4 Putting the Energy into Key Volunteers and Tasks (3 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-4.mp3 height=45 /]

3.5 REVEAL and Making Disciples (15 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-5.mp3 height=45 /]

3.6 Positive and Negative Church Trends (4 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-6.mp3 height=45 /]

3.7 Integrating People: Your Church at It’s Full Potential (7 mins)

[flashvideo file=leadersgathering2011/lg3-7.mp3 height=45 /]