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Season of Change – Helen Paris

Life is so full of changes, like the seasons we enjoy – of spring that brings new life in abundance, old trees that had a skeletal appearance are being adorned with green leaves and barren shrubs blooming with flowers. I love what God does in this way – a new freshness in life. No matter […]

Appreciation – Helen Paris

I am appreciating all that God has done for our family and myself.  As we know, life is a journey with many facets that mould and make us into who we are today as we grasp His Hand and embrace all that He allows into our lives. I personally want a desire to see God, […]

REAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE – Friday 27th and Saturday 28th June 2014

Kerith Community Church’s Women’s Conference, REAL From Sue Ranger, KCC Event Manager:  We had an amazing time at REAL 2013 – the hottest year yet! Over 400 women gathered TOGETHER as we leant into all that God had for us through the teaching, worship & fun. Whether you came and want to listen again, or […]

Seeing Through ‘New Eyes’ – Helen Paris

The French novelist Marcel Provost says, “The real voyage of discovery consists in not looking for new landscapes but in having new eyes”. “New eyes” enables us to view the many aspects, circumstances and influences that are ingrained or at the least taken for granted in our lives in a more positive light. For me, […]

In The Clefts Of The Rock – Helen Paris

‘My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.’ Song of Solomon 2:14  How precious is this scripture to me personally and how it thrills me still today, years after […]

The Power of One – Helen Paris

This statement, “The Power of One”, was vocalised by a woman who served the underprivileged youth in her community when she herself was on the receiving end of an act of kindness by a secret millionaire. It declares a great truth. These words, “The Power of One”, were highlighted yet again when watching the great […]

The discipline of exercise – Helen Paris

For a number of months now I have been endeavouring to bring the discipline of exercise back into my life. Like most of us, I do my fair share of walking which I am grateful for, mindful that there are many homebound persons who can’t even make that choice. However I am finding that by […]

Trusting in God Alone – Helen Paris

I have been impacted by a book that I received from a friend entitled ‘Jesus Calling’. As the Holy Spirit so often does in our lives, He moves through another person to minister to our individual spiritual needs. This book has met me where I needed to be encouraged to continually seek the living presence […]

The Need For Rest – Helen Paris

In writing, Graeme & I are down in New Zealand enjoying catching up with our family and friends. One of those friends is a physiotherapist whose passion in life is to share the knowledge of correct breathing, at rest, which is to breathe into your tummy and breathe less air enhancing the mind and body, […]

We All Have Gifts – Helen Paris

I have been aware lately of the creative gift God has given me and of course given to you. Naturally our creativeness may come forth in a completely different shape. This is wonderful.  Because God is limitless, we are freely able to be diverse as humans in our expression. I don’t know about you but […]