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If Your Friends Aren’t Becoming the Church, Something’s Wrong – John Burke

If you’re friends aren’t becoming the church, somethings wrong from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: If our friends are not becoming the church then there is something wrong (especially for Christian leaders). There is either something wrong with the way we are following Christ or there is something wrong with how we’re doing […]

Out of the Culture – John Burke

What is Out of the Culture? from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: The western Church is continuing to lose ground in terms of the culture becoming the church. The average person in our culture doesn’t see that the message of Jesus is exactly what they’re seeking because there’s so much misconception on what it […]

Whispers: Hearing God and Responding – Bill Hybels Video Interview

Does God still speak? If so, how can you know whether what you think you might be hearing from God really is from God? In this video interview Jim Mellado asks Bill Hybels some specific questions about whispers from God, such as: How do you address the subject without it sounding weird? Why do people […]

A Two Day “Master Class” in the Presence of God – Chris Lane

“This year’s Global Leadership Summit was a two day “master class” in the presence of God and His people.  Bill Hybels and team simply excelled.  There’s no other word for it.  We can’t wait to share our experience with others at the Global Leadership Summit this Autumn.” Chris Lane, The Vineyard Church, St Albans

Children’s Ministry: Promiseland Curriculum Overview

  Promiseland curriculum is available for school terms, summer holidays, and one-off occasional use:   School Term Curriculum Overview There are two curriculum – Year A covers ‘God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation’ Year B covers the 5-G’s of Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Good Stewardship Each year is split into three age ranges: Grades K-1 (Ages 5-6), Grades […]

GLS Facilitator Training – Segment 5

Working with Your Producer Notes The relationship between the facilitator and the producer is key. The producer will craft the shape of the 2 days and will guide the facilitator through the major elements. Meet with the producer at least 1 month in advance of the GLS – walk through the programme – share ideas. […]

GLS Facilitator Training – Segment 4

Facilitation and Process Time – Heart Session Notes Demonstration ( from Wes Stafford’s session – ‘Forgiveness’ GLS2009 Tips before viewing the message: Get people ready – encourage an engagement of the heart. Aim at a seamless transition from what has gone before to what is to come Tips after viewing the message: Be open to […]

GLS Facilitator Training – Segment 3

Facilitation and Process Time – Academic Session Notes Demonstration ( from Andy Stanley’s session – ‘The Upside of Tension’ GLS2010) Tips before viewing the message:  Challenge and engage the audience Be clear on expectations Don’t give away too much upfront, but provide a hint or pointer as to where this session is going to major […]