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How Does the GLS Happen? – Newcastle 2010 Behind the Scenes Video

[flashvideo file=videos/gls/glsnewcastle2010.flv image=videos/gls/glsnewcastle2010.jpg /] …And does the hard work pay off?      Thank you for organising these events. Another Great Summit. Every year our batteries are recharged, our energy levels increased and our Vision and strategies renewed as we learn from some of the world’s greatest leaders from both church and business. There is nothing […]

REVEAL Online Conference

How do you help catalyse spiritual growth in the hearts of God’s people? REVEAL is providing new and exciting answers never before available… {%}REVEAL Session{%} NOTE: The REVEAL Conference provides access for WCA members to all links. Session 1 is freely accessible to non-members. For details about WCA membership, click here.

An Experiment in Following: Self-Centred Sin Nature – John Burke

An Experiment in Following from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: Jesus came to serve, not be served. We have our own agendas, and so we have to work at being willing before God to put his will before our own. John was convicted by God the previous Saturday to let go of his […]

Becoming an Innovative Organisation Webcast – Jim Mellado & Guests

The pace of change today requires churches to follow one of two paths: Innovate or very quickly become irrelevant and ultimately ineffective in your core mission. This webcast series allowed leaders and teams to increase their personal and organizational capacity for innovation. The series was hosted by WCA President Jim Mellado and WCA Executive Vice-President […]

Christian Inferiority Complex – John Burke

Christian Inferiority Complex from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: John used to have an inferiority complex – he knew what people thought of Christians and was a little bit embarrassed to be one because of that association. As a result, he wasn’t himself, comfortable with himself and the life he started to experience […]

What Does It Mean to Be Missional? – John Burke

What does it mean to be missional? from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: There are church leaders who are leading the church to be missional but the culture’s not becoming the church. If we’re going and serving people but they’re not embracing the message of Christ, so that they follow Christ with us […]

Messy Church – John Burke

Messy Church from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: We have a certain view of church that certain people sit in certain seats every week and they behave a certain way. We’re not willing for it to get messy… for there to be a blurring of where attenders are really at, so that we might […]