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Bill Hybels
Leading from Here to There: The Power of Vision

  Session 1 of the leadership curriculum, Leading from Here to There. Duration: 29 minutes Process The main points were ____ This impacted me because ____ I’m going to takeaway ____ More details Leading from Here to There Curriculum    

Global Leadership Summit 2014
Chicago Global Leadership Summit 2014 Highlights

Bill Hybels – “Twenty years ago way before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Netflix I stepped to the podium of the Lakeside Auditorium in front of about two thousand expectant people and I explained what I felt was the need to launch this thing called The Leadership Summit.” Jeffrey Immelt – “Leadership is this intense journey […]

GLS 2014 Promotional Video - Bill Hybels
GLS 2014 Promotional Video – Bill Hybels

“Long before it was common to talk about leadership in the church I knew in my gut that a high  vision filled experience for Christian leaders was desperately needed. Now 20 years later stage has been set for an unprecedented global movement impacting 190,000 leaders in 105 all around the world. What makes the Global […]

Meet Pastor Rich Villodas

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s prayer in the Daily Office, p151 ~ Meet Pastor Rich Villodas Rich Villodas will be a guest speaker at the Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference 2014. Rich Villodas is the Lead Pastor at New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NYC. After a 4-year succession plan, Rich succeeded Pete Scazzero as Lead […]

How EHS has impacted my life - video
How EHS Has Impacted My Life – Peter Ahn

Peter Ahn – How EHS Has Impacted My Life from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality on Vimeo. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Resources Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – book and church resources The Emotionally Healthy Church – book

GLS 2013 – Watch Again Online

Dear Friends I am delighted to advise that Brene Brown’s powerful GLS 2013 session, Daring Greatly, is available for you to watch online until 9 January. Also available is Bill Hybels’ encouraging session, The Courage Leadership Requires. Make sure you take the opportunity to share these sessions with your team. To access the videos, simply: Go to the WCA […]

GLS Season: How’s your Holy Discontent these days?

In this session, Bill hypothesises that a “firestorm experience” or “Popeye moment” needs to occur in a leader’s life in order for a vision to be birthed from their Holy Discontent. Have you ever had such an experience (or seen it happen in another leader), and the vision it birthed? How has that vision impacted […]

GLS 2013 Chicago Feedback – Various

Well, once again, it was amazing! Just under 100 leaders from the UK and Ireland attended the live event at Willow Creek and here is some of their feedback: I heard about GLS last year February (2012) and decided to go to Chicago in August to attend Global Leadership Summit. Last year after attending GLS […]