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Ask Them – Suzy Williamson

Every once in a while something grabs my attention in such a way that no matter how hard I try to shake it, it stays. It comes back again and again and again. It changes me in the best possible way. It is not always an instant life altering change, although sometimes it is. But […]

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Skin Care

I remember running a Willow stand at the annual Elim Leadership Conference a number of years ago, and Mark Greene was on stage asking us to Imagine Church. I thought it was an engaging talk and important to hear. As we left the auditorium, I overheard one delegate remark to another how it had made […]

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GLS Café on Crucial Conversations – May 2015

  OVERVIEW ‘The Health of a relationship, team or organisation is a function of the average time lag between identifying and discussing problems. The health of our ministry, the impact of your team’s focus, the transformation in your community; depends upon how quickly and effectively a leader responds to problems, breakdowns and division.’ Joseph Grenny, GLS 2014 Main Session, ‘Crucial […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Response – Simon Benham

As a church pastor the results of Will’s Survey weren’t a surprise to me. We live in a nation where fewer and fewer people are going to church, or have even had any meaningful interaction with church beyond going to the occasional wedding or funeral. As James Emery-White has pointed out the fastest rising religious group […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Part 6 – Will Bissett

6. What are the implications of these perceptions for mission? Part 2: A response. As mentioned previously, respondents in this research had the chance to provide free-text commentary supporting their score choices. With 228 respondents and 5 opportunities to provide qualifying comments that made for 1,140 optional possibilities for comment. Many took the opportunity to […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Part 4 – Will Bissett

4. If a church pastor had a coffee with you, what would be the number 1 thing that you’d share to help make his church ministry more effective to ‘outsiders’? I’m well aware that that some Pastors reading this are very engaged with culture and trying to find new, different and appropriate ways to communicate […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Part 3 – Will Bissett

3. Are there things that churches think they’re doing right that actually we’re doing wrong (and vice versa)? The findings highlight and remind us of the gulf in mindset and perception between believers and non-believers.  A lot of our communications, questions and events often seem targeted at people who have a Christian background or as […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Part 2 – Will Bissett

2. Was there an outstanding finding? Were there any surprises? The sample was split into 3 groups; regulars (attending church at least once a month), affiliates (identified as Christian but with low or no attendance), Others (no Christian affiliation). Whilst it may seem obvious that Regulars would rate God, Jesus, Christians, Christianity and Church more […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Part 1 – Will Bissett

A study into perceptions of the Christian faith held by those on the fringes, and those outside the church The Prime Minister has asserted that the UK is a Christian country. Is he right? In the 2011 census just over 59{%} of people in the UK claimed some kind of Christian affiliation or identity. Other […]

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Inadequacy and Belief – Will Salmon

Last week I met with two dynamic guys from Compassion. One has organised big Christian events in Scotland and built two hospitals in Haiti. The other, of athletic build and attitude, has embarked on marathons and cycle rides across the country to raise money for the causes he cares about. By contrast, my avocation is […]