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Live for your eulogy, not for your resume - Albert Tate
The Best Leadership Decision He Ever Made

At the Global Leadership Summit a number of years ago Andy Stanley talked about the best leadership decision he ever made. This decision was made at a time when he was starting North Point Community Church and his children were very small.  He had heard people saying, “there is plenty of time to get everything […]

Gordon MacDonald seminars - 9 and 13 February
Talk Like a Father – Seminar Update

Last week Will Salmon contacted Gordon to see how his preparations for the ‘Talk Like a Father’ gatherings were going. Here’s Gordon’s response:   I am fresh from the seminary class room where (8 hours a day) I’ve been involved with a cohort of pastors in their mid-forties who are working on their Doctor of Ministries […]

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The Resilient Life – Part 1

Gordon MacDonald and Bill Hybels with Nancy Beach Defining Moments episode, 2006   Summary What does it mean to live a Resilient Life? And what impact does resilience, or the lack of it, have on your life and ministry? Gordon MacDonald joins Bill Hybels and host, Nancy Beach for this issue of Defining Moments. Gordon […]

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Ministry is Tough But So Rewarding – Paul Beasley-Murray

Ministry can be tough.  Most pastors go through at least one bad experience in ministry – and sadly many fall out of ministry. I have just returned from Australia, where there are as many ex-pastors as there are pastors. But has ministry not always been tough?  In my funeral instructions I have suggested that the […]

Looking out over mountains and lake
Emotional Survival – James Emery White

I was having coffee with a fellow pastor who needed more than caffeine to pick himself up. Summer attendance was down. Key people were leaving because of disagreements about the direction of the church. And money was very, very tight. I felt nothing but empathy. Yep, been there, felt that. “Jim,” he said, “I knew […]

GLS 2015 Banner
GLS 2015 – Six Themes You Can Expect

A re-post from the WCA blog. Every year, God “shows up” at the Summit. Sometimes these moments come in ways we expect – but more often they do not. There always seems to be a specific inspiration, a message, a skill or a conviction that gets cemented in our hearts during the event. Those of us […]

Sensitive or Stone-Cold Stoic? Getting to Know Sheila Heen

A re-post from the WCA blog. Sheila Heen, founder of the Triad Consulting Group and Faculty at Harvard Law School, will be joining us for the 2015 Summit. Sheila has taught courses on Negotiation at Harvard for two decades, specializing in helping organizations work through their most difficult conflicts. William Ury (TGLS 2012), founder of the […]

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Work Flow

It wasn’t the best GLS session, but it made its mark. For some, his style got in the way; they found him dull or boring and shifted in their seats wondering how he’d qualified for this prestigious stage. He seemed to slow the flow of the Summit. Admittedly, he wasn’t dynamic. Why then was I […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Response – Michael Harvey

I am really grateful for the survey by Will Bissett on the perceptions of the Christian faith held by those on the fringes. It has highlighted some real hope for the church. I am particularly impressed with Will’s determination to invite people on the outskirts of the church into a conversation about Christianity. I was […]