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Tony Blair: A Journey – Simon Benham

You may know that I’m on a drive to read mostly old books this year. However, before Christmas I started reading Tony Blair’s autobiography, A Journey, which I have just finished and which I have to admit I really enjoyed. I’m not sure I was expecting to find it such an interesting read, but whatever […]

Engaging with Culture: What’s Shaping Britain?

“A million times a day we may be touched but we are rarely embraced…” … and other profound insights from Mark Greene, Executive Director, London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, during his presentation, ‘Of Logic, Logos and MePLC: What’s Shaping Britain?’. Topics Covered: Reading Culture The State We’re In Key Ideas in Our Culture Gospel Responses […]

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The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 3 – Bill Hybels

Myth 3: Volunteers Are Free Help. I remember when we decided to do food service on our campus. It was a big decision. We knew that when we were going to provide food service that we were going to have to pay a small staff for a few key people. But we envisioned hundreds of volunteers […]

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The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 2 – Bill Hybels

Myth 2: Volunteers Are Only Capable of Doing the Busy Work of the Church By this I refer to the myth that volunteers are only capable of doing repetitive tasks that the paid staff doesn’t really want to mess with. That they’re only capable of doing the tasks that are low in strategic import. At […]

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The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 1 – Bill Hybels

  Myth 1: There Aren’t Enough Volunteers to Go Around Almost everywhere I turn when I meet with pastors and leaders, they’re bemoaning the fact that they don’t have enough volunteers for their ministries. But there’s always a reason why they’re not serving. I don’t know what it is in your church. We know some […]

Ministry Blunders: Change Management – David

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: My Biggest Ministry Blunders David made too many changes in too short of time. The first Sunday he was in his new church he fired the organist, then pulled out the organ. A couple of weeks later he had the steeple of the church sawed off. He removed the choir […]