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Lead Yourself Well to Lead Others Better

Feedback from GLS 2018 delegates indicated a training need for greater confidence in their leadership. Below is a helpful article on some behind-the-scenes work required to improve our leadership effectiveness. You can read the original article here and find more articles on Confidence here. Leaders like to lead. It’s what we do. And when we say we like to lead, […]

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Adding Value to People in a Millennial World – Hannah Gronowski

Each day, a greater number of millennials are filling roles of influence in work places, communities, government and churches. As more young people step into leadership, we must ask the question, “What motivates the millennial leader?” Millennials live in an era of constant snapchat communication, daily life-style vlogs, reality television and Facebook Live. Our world […]

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The Resilient Life – Part 1

Gordon MacDonald and Bill Hybels with Nancy Beach Defining Moments episode, 2006   Summary What does it mean to live a Resilient Life? And what impact does resilience, or the lack of it, have on your life and ministry? Gordon MacDonald joins Bill Hybels and host, Nancy Beach for this issue of Defining Moments. Gordon […]

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The Artisan Soul Seminars with Erwin McManus

The Artisan Soul Seminar with Erwin McManus 12 February Stafford  |  14 February Bracknell     Overview | Speaker | Schedule | Brochure | Fees | Terms | BOOK HERE NOTE: 15{%} Discount until 30 January 2015: Use promotional code TAS15     About the Seminar It’s so critical that every human being understand that at their […]

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The Leader’s Best Friend – Bill Hybels

‘…the power of the Holy Spirit is the leader’s best friend. The one who stands alongside you when leadership gets lonely… that’s the Holy Spirit. The one who guides and gives you strength when leadership gets confusing… that’s the Holy Spirit. The one who warns you of pitfalls and whispers words of renewal when you […]

Forgiveness – The Most Difficult Spiritual Discipline – Pete Scazzero

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s prayer in the Daily Office, p130 ~ Forgiveness – The Most Difficult Spiritual Discipline At a Fuller Theological Seminary event I attended last week, a student from the Congo named Patrick asked an Anglican bishop, “How do you forgive those who have killed a member of your family?” The […]

Leading from Your True Self – Rich Villodas

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s prayer in the Daily Office, p149 ~ Leading from Your True Self Last week at our New Life “Kardia” Leadership conference, we invited Dr. Robert Mulholland to speak to over 175 ministry leaders from New Life on “Leading from your true self.” Throughout the day, he unpacked the themes […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 5 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership, cont. Let’s talk about the messy leadership that cultivates environments where people far from God can grow up to become His church. How do we lead like that? I believe first we have to cultivate the soil with grace-giving acceptance. Grace is the environment where people grow best – where people begin […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 4 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership, cont. What did Jesus’ ministry look like? Messy! Isn’t that what the religious leaders of his day had a hard time with – how messy it was? He was hanging out with ethically corrupt tax collectors and former prostitutes and the partying sinners of his day – messy people, like the Samaritan […]

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