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Lead Yourself Well to Lead Others Better

Feedback from GLS 2018 delegates indicated a training need for greater confidence in their leadership. Below is a helpful article on some behind-the-scenes work required to improve our leadership effectiveness. You can read the original article here and find more articles on Confidence here. Leaders like to lead. It’s what we do. And when we say we like to lead, […]

When Your Vision is Unclear

Notes from WCA Defining Moments episode, Taking Your Next Step of Leadership, with Bill Hybels and Jeff Lockyer.  What do you do when you’re not clear on your vision? What usually precedes vision is noticing something that bothers you. Start by noticing the things around you that are different from what you desire for your situation […]

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Ministry is Tough But So Rewarding – Paul Beasley-Murray

Ministry can be tough.  Most pastors go through at least one bad experience in ministry – and sadly many fall out of ministry. I have just returned from Australia, where there are as many ex-pastors as there are pastors. But has ministry not always been tough?  In my funeral instructions I have suggested that the […]

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Emotional Survival – James Emery White

I was having coffee with a fellow pastor who needed more than caffeine to pick himself up. Summer attendance was down. Key people were leaving because of disagreements about the direction of the church. And money was very, very tight. I felt nothing but empathy. Yep, been there, felt that. “Jim,” he said, “I knew […]

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Every Day’s a Day at School

Dear Friends Well here we are on the verge of the autumn term, a new beginning for the children in our churches as they move on up in school. Within the familiar routine there will be wonderful opportunities for learning and growth as well as potential challenges and distractions also; new knowledge, new friendships, new rivalries […]

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Showing Up

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen I have remembered that quote for years – it has helped whenever I haven’t felt like getting involved with something. More often than not, I have come away glad that I’d made the effort. Just this morning I read Acts 9. You’ll know it well. It’s […]

A Leadership Quick-Take: Albert Tate

  A re-post from the WCA blog. One of the speakers that our WCA team is most excited to hear at the Summit is Albert Tate, founder and senior pastor of Fellowship Monrovia. Albert’s teaching style combines humor with unexpected biblical insights. He planted Fellowship Monrovia in January 2012—a church committed to being transformed by the […]

Sensitive or Stone-Cold Stoic? Getting to Know Sheila Heen

A re-post from the WCA blog. Sheila Heen, founder of the Triad Consulting Group and Faculty at Harvard Law School, will be joining us for the 2015 Summit. Sheila has taught courses on Negotiation at Harvard for two decades, specializing in helping organizations work through their most difficult conflicts. William Ury (TGLS 2012), founder of the […]