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The False Self – Pete Scazzero

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s Daily Office ~ The False Self The false self is pretending, consciously or unconsciously, to be somebody you are not. Defensive and superficial, it severely limits our relationships and our effective witness for Christ. The following is a brief inventory to determine how much of a mask, or false […]

'Beyond Nice' book cover
Challenges and Solutions to Make Your Church More Effective Today – Part 2

Challenge two – Relationships and accountability It is not uncommon in churches for relationships to have great centrality. As Christians we value fellowship, we want to build community and we believe in the importance of trying to act as a family. This can give real strength to our communities, but it can also mean that […]

What I’ve Learned About Marriage – Anthony Delaney, Ivy Manchester

I can’t really think of too many leaders who got this right! There is such a danger – whether in ministry or business for us to put our best on the wrong altars. In writing a book on marriage I certainly wasn’t trying to set up myself as being the great role model either, I’m very aware […]

My Worth and Value – Helen Paris

Today started as any other day. I didn’t feel that I had slept particularly well last night, but it was a new day and I thought I will just potter around.  Our daughter rang – “would you like to come with me and look at the shops in Knightsbridge and to buy Ophelia’s birthday presents”, […]

Light, Love, Glue – Helen Paris

I myself am not a leader but can I take this opportunity to encourage others who may be like me, to support their husbands or friends who are leaders. Towards the end of last year Graeme and I took a couple out to lunch who are walking strongly in their gifting of the Prophetic ministry. […]