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How Shipping Containers Become Homes of Hope

Patrick Staggs is an engineer living in Delaware, and co-founder of a non-profit called Homes of Hope. Over the last five years, Patrick has never missed a Summit. What God spoke to him during the event in 2015 will change lives forever. Something at the 2015 GLS did more than stir my heart. I prayed […]

Ministry Challenge: Growing a Church Through a Building Project – Phil Cole

WCA UK & Ireland Member Survey: Q1 Please can you share a ministry challenge that you have worked through in recent years? Growing a church through a building project and moving towards having two services. When I first muted going to two services it received quite a negative reaction, so we paused and started from […]

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GLS 2014 Prayer Bulletin

Dear Prayer Coordinator There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Seasons don’t last forever. As Bill Hybels wrote recently in ‘Simplify – 10 practices to unclutter your soul’ we should not regard life as predictable or controllable. Seasons can last for weeks, months or years, […]

GLS Pic: What Kills Love Kills Organisations
A Leader’s Prayer – Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels’ closing prayer at his Summit 2003 session, ‘The Leader’s Edge’: “God there is something very deep and dark within many of us that enjoys being the ‘WE’ and enjoys identifying who the ‘THEY’ would be. There’s something twisted and broken inside of many of us that wants to be one up and a […]

Prayer, Cereal and the Restoration of the World – Rich Villodas

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s Daily Office ~ Prayer, Cereal and the Restoration of the World One of my most important spiritual disciplines is journaling. I try to journal 4-5 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. Some weeks I get it right. Some weeks I don’t. This discipline has helped me to […]

Top 12 Signs of Being in “Loving Union” – Pete Scazzero

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s Daily Office ~ Top 12 Signs of Being in “Loving Union” Jesus’ leadership flowed from a deep centeredness of loving union with his Father. His activity flowed from a total dependence and unceasing communion with him. He invites us to a similar relationship with him: “If you remain in me […]

Forgiveness – The Most Difficult Spiritual Discipline – Pete Scazzero

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s prayer in the Daily Office, p130 ~ Forgiveness – The Most Difficult Spiritual Discipline At a Fuller Theological Seminary event I attended last week, a student from the Congo named Patrick asked an Anglican bishop, “How do you forgive those who have killed a member of your family?” The […]

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9 Ways to Look at Your Failures with the Eyes of Faith – Sunil Raheja

As we understand our failures and the mindset we have when things don’t go the way we expected or hoped for, there is also the issue of how my personal faith in God impacts my failings. How do I look at my failures with the eyes of faith? As a disciple of Christ, who has personally struggled with negative thoughts […]

Leadership from the Inside Out Part 5: A Well-Ordered Heart – Rob Hare

Do you remember the classic comedy Fawlty Towers?  John Cleese played the character of Basil Fawlty – definitely not a man with a ‘well-ordered heart!’  Basil was probably the most stressed out, over-worked, insulting, manipulating, cynical hotel owner that ever existed!  Of course being a Christian does not mean that life runs smoothly – although […]