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Courage – Helen Paris

I trust you have enjoyed the wonderful respite in the weather recently, of sunny days and temperatures that climbed unseasonably, but autumn is now well and truly here in all it’s glory. What a beautiful natural world we live in and aren’t we privileged to experience it so prolifically here in the UK. In other […]

Sustained in the Storms – Helen Paris

Isn’t the season of autumn blessing us all? The trees changing into hues of colours, golds, reds and amber as if brushed from the palette in the master’s hand. Now increasingly we look forward to the festive season of Christmas and winter. Trees are very beautiful to me, very much more than flowers, so much […]

Living in the Present Moment – Helen Paris

As we continue to enjoy the marvellous sights that the creative power of nature produces, I am increasingly aware that it is for but a moment! I don’t know about you, but I want the power to encapsulate and hold onto a given magnificent sight to emotionally digest it – we were over whelmed by […]

An Attitude of Gratitude – Helen Paris

We say this every year that “spring is a beautiful season” – re-birthing in all aspects of nature and I believe it for ourselves too. The Holy Spirit is reinforcing the word “Awareness”. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. To be aware and alert to the presence of God’s manifestation in nature, music, relationships, sunrises and sunsets and […]

A Heart of Praise and Thanks – Helen Paris

Graeme and I are presently in New Zealand. Immediately you will be recognizing the great differences in climate that we are both experiencing with the northern hemisphere in winter to the southern in blazing sunshine. Yes, we are enjoying our moment – as I trust you are, your Christmas festivities having been wonderfully extended through […]