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Tracee McAtear
Life and Leadership – Tracee McAtear – 1

Interview series from 2019 with church leader, Tracee McAtear. Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life? I have been blessed to have so many mentors/leaders that have had an impact in […]

Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 11

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead It’s evident from some of your answers that you’re a man of faith. How does that fit in with your work, if at all? I came to faith at the age of 23 after graduating from Loughborough University.  Since then, it has been an important part of my […]

Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 4

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead When it comes to leading people, how do you turn ‘have to’ into ‘want to.’ Can you provide us an example? For most of us, our day to day activities will fall either inside or outside of our comfort zone.  The area outside of our comfort zone is […]

Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 3

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead Do you have any thoughts on how a leader could use the GLS more educationally for both personal and team development beyond the 2-day experience? I’ve learned that growth doesn’t happen automatically. It doesn’t happen without being intentional, and it doesn’t happen while spending all of our energies […]

Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 2

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead How did you discover your core passion of speaking, coaching and training? What was the process? How long did it take to reach that point? And how has this informed and shaped your coaching of others as they seek to fulfil their passion and purpose? What would you […]

High Performance Team
4 Moves to Elevate Performance at Your Church

Feedback from GLS 2018 delegates indicated a need for further training in visionary leadership at an organisational level. This is a great article to help you assess the effectiveness of your current vision and identify an area for growth. You can read the original article here and find more articles on vision here. Quick, make a list of […]

GLS 2014 Speaker Introductions

LEAD WHERE YOU ARE The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day event that is telecast LIVE from Willow’s campus near Chicago every August to more than 300+ locations in North America. Then, throughout the Autumn, the top-rated sessions are shown at Summit VIDEO events which take place in an additional 350+ cities, 105 countries—translated into […]

GLS 2013 Chicago Feedback – Various

Well, once again, it was amazing! Just under 100 leaders from the UK and Ireland attended the live event at Willow Creek and here is some of their feedback: I heard about GLS last year February (2012) and decided to go to Chicago in August to attend Global Leadership Summit. Last year after attending GLS […]