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Leaders Gathering with Bill Hybels – Dublin Feedback

Some feedback received from the event… Thank you for all the work and prayer you put into organising the leaders gathering in Dublin last week. This was a whole new experience for me having a renowned leader like Bill Hybels , with his wealth of experience just making himself available to us to ask him questions on […]

Leaders Gathering with Bill Hybels – Stafford Feedback

Some feedback received from the event… Thank you to Willow UK in organising what, for me, was one of the most amazing Leadership Conferences ever. The reason I say that is mainly down to it not being the usual pre-written delivery of important leadership principles (however good they are…and they are!), but, through the genuinly […]

20somethings on the Team – James Emery White

Why are so many senior church leaders having problems with 20something staff members? I’ve talked with several pastors and staff members of late who find the working arrangement challenging at best, maddening at worst.  Common complaints among the older folk include pride (they feel like they know how to do things better than everyone else), they […]

Barnes and Noble, USA Today and the Church – James Emery White

“How did Barnes and Noble fall so far so fast?” This was the question asked by James B. Stewart of the Wall Street Journal as the giant bookstore chain put itself up for sale this month.    Simple answer? The internet.  More to the point, the internet of amazon.com, kindle, the iPad, e-readers and digital books. […]

James Emery White
A Second Challenge of Church and Culture – James Emery White

There are two primary challenges culture brings to the church:  the first is to understand culture as the overarching context in which we live.  Such an understanding allows us to become sensitized to culture’s unique challenges as a shaping influence in thought and behavior; even further, to know where to be prophetic and how to […]

Church Website Excellence

During his last visit to the UK, James Emery White spoke of the importance of churches prioritising their website as a ministry tool because of the opportunities it presents to enquirers and members alike. Thus we are compiling a list of good ideas we come across on church websites which we hope will prove helpful in your website […]

Developing a Strategic Plan – Conflict

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: Conflict: Having the Tough Conversations Developing a Strategic Plan A. The situation Willow Creek’s ministries were each experiencing such growth and were focusing so much on their own areas that the church began to lose its identity. The ministry “fiefdoms” had existed unchallenged for so long that asking them to […]

Engaging with Culture: What’s Shaping Britain?

“A million times a day we may be touched but we are rarely embraced…” … and other profound insights from Mark Greene, Executive Director, London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, during his presentation, ‘Of Logic, Logos and MePLC: What’s Shaping Britain?’. Topics Covered: Reading Culture The State We’re In Key Ideas in Our Culture Gospel Responses […]