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The Holy Spirit, Part 11: Will the Holy Spirit Ever Leave Us?

Message by John Ortberg. God wants Christ followers to know that we belong to him every day of our existence. The Holy Spirit’s presence reminds us of that. Jesus withdrew and got alone with the Spirit in order to commune with God. We also need to do this, especially in the following occasions: when we’re […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 10: Illumination

Message by John Ortberg. To have the mind of Christ is a goal to which we must strive. However, there are aspects of this world that compete for that mind. That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. We can allow the Spirit to act as a filter; to keep our mind on the things of […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 9: The Gifts, Part 2

Message by Nancy Ortberg and Jarrett Stevens. After we learn of the gifts the Holy Spirit imparts to us, we are instructed to use them to serve the church, and not let them go to waste. This message is an overview of 10 spiritual gifts. The gifts of evangelism, faith, craftsmanship, apostleship, shepherding, administration, wisdom, […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 8: The Gifts, Part 1

Message by Nancy Ortberg and Brad Mitchell. When the Holy Spirit begins His residence in us, He gives us certain gifts that we use to edify and build up the body of Christ. These “Spiritual Gifts” come in many forms. In this message, nine spiritual gifts are outlined. They are the gifts of helps, prophesy, […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 7: Miracles

Message by John Ortberg. The church is built on the unity of the Holy Spirit, but often churches are divided on the very issue of the role and ministry of the Spirit. Well-meaning Christians have disagreed for years on the Spirit’s work. And the problems are not so much how the Spirit is working in […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 6: The Unity of the Holy Spirit

Message by John Ortberg. The Holy Spirit exists in the Trinity in mutual submission to the Father and the Son. The Son exalts and submits to the Father and the Father glorifies the Son. The Spirit points to the Son, who submits Himself the ministry of the Spirit. The Father delights in and sends the […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 5: How to Recognize Leadings

Message by John Ortberg. It is acceptable to much of society that people can talk to God. But for some, it is not as acceptable for God to talk back. But He does talk to us. He can talk to everyone, not just those who are seen as “Christian Super Saints.” However, listening to God […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 4: Spiritual Renewal: My Part and God’s Part

Message by John Ortberg. When it comes to spiritual growth, a big question people ask is “How does Christ get formed in me? Is it my job or the Holy Spirit’s job?” Some people think they have to work at experiencing spiritual renewal. They are going to do everything in their power to please God […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 3: Full Potential of a Spirit Filled Life

Message by John Ortberg. Jesus was born as a human being and underwent all the trials and triumphs a human would. But Jesus had something else: He had the Holy Spirit indwelling in Him. In fact, the secret to Jesus’ power in His life and ministry is that He lived in utter reliance on a […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 2: Preparing For The Holy Spirit

Message by John Ortberg. In the Bible, God breathed life into Adam. In addition, after his resurrection, Jesus breathed on his disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” In these examples we see that breathing gives life to us and then, going further, the Holy Spirit gives life. In the Old Testament, we learn that […]