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The Welcoming Church Part 3 – The Power of a Welcome

Welcomes are conveyed in all different ways; with a smile, a word or a touch.  A smile expressed to a passing stranger as you’re walking to work can convey gladness in the moment.  A ‘hello’ to the checkout person at the grocery store can turn what would otherwise be a dull routine for that person […]

The Welcoming Church Part 2 – A Bed and a Table, a Chair and a Lamp

Room preparers.  The Old and New Testament is full of stories of people who practiced hospitality.  In 2 Kings there is a story of a well-to-do woman of Shunem who offered the prophet Elisha hospitality.  “She said to her husband, I  know that this man who often comes our way is a holy man of […]

The Welcoming Church Part 1 – Offering Hospitality

People from all over the world define “Hospitality” in different ways.  The word ‘lodging’ means a room or rooms in the house of another used as a place of residence for a time.  While hotels are often linked with the word ‘lodging’, our houses can also be linked if only we open ourselves up to […]