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Inadequacy and Belief – Will Salmon

Last week I met with two dynamic guys from Compassion. One has organised big Christian events in Scotland and built two hospitals in Haiti. The other, of athletic build and attitude, has embarked on marathons and cycle rides across the country to raise money for the causes he cares about. By contrast, my avocation is […]

Season of Change – Helen Paris

Life is so full of changes, like the seasons we enjoy – of spring that brings new life in abundance, old trees that had a skeletal appearance are being adorned with green leaves and barren shrubs blooming with flowers. I love what God does in this way – a new freshness in life. No matter […]

Where is Your Hope? – Helen Paris

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel disappointed about the circumstances in my life and the people involved with a given situation. I know that I have a tendency to be idealistic and that my expectations are often unreal and therefore unfair to these persons. Unfortunately these attitudes can often be established well […]

Looking For Hope – Helen Paris

It’s a standard statement “where has this year gone to”. Maybe, it becomes more pronounced when one is in their latter years as Graeme and I are!  “Recession” has been the dreaded key word that has been spoken time and time again this year. As Christmas draws nigh, this political statement and the implications that […]