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The Leader’s Best Friend – Bill Hybels

‘…the power of the Holy Spirit is the leader’s best friend. The one who stands alongside you when leadership gets lonely… that’s the Holy Spirit. The one who guides and gives you strength when leadership gets confusing… that’s the Holy Spirit. The one who warns you of pitfalls and whispers words of renewal when you […]

What is IT? – Craig Groeschel

[stream provider=video base=x:/www.willowcreekevents.org.uk/it/ flv=ITfinal.flv img=Generic-Video.jpg mp4=ITfinal.mp4 embed=false share=false width=600 height=338 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /] Makes you curious doesn’t IT?! Watch the full session with your leadership team along with other great training from the Global Leadership Summit 2008 here. Details of this year’s GLS here.

Trusting in God Alone – Helen Paris

I have been impacted by a book that I received from a friend entitled ‘Jesus Calling’. As the Holy Spirit so often does in our lives, He moves through another person to minister to our individual spiritual needs. This book has met me where I needed to be encouraged to continually seek the living presence […]

Freedom – Helen Paris

I trust you have recovered from all the 21st century Christmas hype, not the essence of Christmas -Christ’s birth celebration – but the pressure of this world’s consumerism and the relatives arriving that can bring a significant challenge as John Ortberg says in his book, “It All Goes Back in the Box”. Since being in […]

Guided By The Spirit – Helen Paris

Today in New Zealand is “Waitangi Day” which is a public holiday and signifies when the British Crown signed with the Maori chiefs, New Zealand’s forming document known as the Treaty of Waitangi back in 1840. Most years, it is marked with protests by the Maori people airing their grievances on land that was confiscated […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 11: Will the Holy Spirit Ever Leave Us?

Message by John Ortberg. God wants Christ followers to know that we belong to him every day of our existence. The Holy Spirit’s presence reminds us of that. Jesus withdrew and got alone with the Spirit in order to commune with God. We also need to do this, especially in the following occasions: when we’re […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 10: Illumination

Message by John Ortberg. To have the mind of Christ is a goal to which we must strive. However, there are aspects of this world that compete for that mind. That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. We can allow the Spirit to act as a filter; to keep our mind on the things of […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 9: The Gifts, Part 2

Message by Nancy Ortberg and Jarrett Stevens. After we learn of the gifts the Holy Spirit imparts to us, we are instructed to use them to serve the church, and not let them go to waste. This message is an overview of 10 spiritual gifts. The gifts of evangelism, faith, craftsmanship, apostleship, shepherding, administration, wisdom, […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 8: The Gifts, Part 1

Message by Nancy Ortberg and Brad Mitchell. When the Holy Spirit begins His residence in us, He gives us certain gifts that we use to edify and build up the body of Christ. These “Spiritual Gifts” come in many forms. In this message, nine spiritual gifts are outlined. They are the gifts of helps, prophesy, […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 7: Miracles

Message by John Ortberg. The church is built on the unity of the Holy Spirit, but often churches are divided on the very issue of the role and ministry of the Spirit. Well-meaning Christians have disagreed for years on the Spirit’s work. And the problems are not so much how the Spirit is working in […]