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Inadequacy and Belief – Will Salmon

Last week I met with two dynamic guys from Compassion. One has organised big Christian events in Scotland and built two hospitals in Haiti. The other, of athletic build and attitude, has embarked on marathons and cycle rides across the country to raise money for the causes he cares about. By contrast, my avocation is […]

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9 Ways to Look at Your Failures with the Eyes of Faith – Sunil Raheja

As we understand our failures and the mindset we have when things don’t go the way we expected or hoped for, there is also the issue of how my personal faith in God impacts my failings. How do I look at my failures with the eyes of faith? As a disciple of Christ, who has personally struggled with negative thoughts […]

Submitted to His Spirit – Helen Paris

It is certainly a journey of trusting God for me. Over the last few months I have experienced the Lord addressing me on a confidence, maybe I could actually call it a trust in the flesh – my flesh – my health. Yes, my being is a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in […]

Times of Testing – Helen Paris

Of late I have been challenged in my faith. The area of testing has been my health (I have a severe Dermatitis of my hands and forearms) and my perspective of trust, that if I implicitly trusted the Word of God, my request for healing would be realised.  I found some appropriate scriptures (really beautiful) […]

Living in the Present Moment – Helen Paris

As we continue to enjoy the marvellous sights that the creative power of nature produces, I am increasingly aware that it is for but a moment! I don’t know about you, but I want the power to encapsulate and hold onto a given magnificent sight to emotionally digest it – we were over whelmed by […]