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GLS Café on Crucial Conversations – May 2015

  OVERVIEW ‘The Health of a relationship, team or organisation is a function of the average time lag between identifying and discussing problems. The health of our ministry, the impact of your team’s focus, the transformation in your community; depends upon how quickly and effectively a leader responds to problems, breakdowns and division.’ Joseph Grenny, GLS 2014 Main Session, ‘Crucial […]

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The Artisan Soul Seminar – Your Thoughts

Dear Friends If you attended The Artisan Soul seminar with Erwin McManus last week, we would greatly value your thoughts. Many thanks…   Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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Barbarians and Artisans

Dear Friends Re: The Artisan Soul Seminars, February 2015 Not long now and Erwin McManus will be spending two days with us, in Stafford and then Bracknell, stimulating our minds and stirring our hearts in his unique way. My first experience of Erwin was at The Leadership Summit at Willow Creek in 2003. He was scheduled […]

Top 12 Signs of Being in “Loving Union” – Pete Scazzero

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s Daily Office ~ Top 12 Signs of Being in “Loving Union” Jesus’ leadership flowed from a deep centeredness of loving union with his Father. His activity flowed from a total dependence and unceasing communion with him. He invites us to a similar relationship with him: “If you remain in me […]

His Kingdom Come Conference – KCC Southampton

1-3 May 2014 As a church, we have become convinced that God is calling us to live our lives ministering in His power and bringing His Kingdom principles wherever we go! “His Kingdom Come” conference, based on the prayer of Jesus Himself, welcomes Simon Holley (author of Sustainable Power) and Wendy Mann from King’s Arms […]

REAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE – Friday 27th and Saturday 28th June 2014

Kerith Community Church’s Women’s Conference, REAL From Sue Ranger, KCC Event Manager:  We had an amazing time at REAL 2013 – the hottest year yet! Over 400 women gathered TOGETHER as we leant into all that God had for us through the teaching, worship & fun. Whether you came and want to listen again, or […]

Willow on the Road with Lifechurch.tv Feedback – Phil Stilliard

What impacted you most from the presentation? The talk by Dana, the need of the people to reach Christ. What next steps are you planning? Register on your website. What did we do well organisationally? Nice venue, the video with Greg Groeschel. How could we improve for next time? It’s now down to us to […]

Willow on the Road with Lifechurch.tv Feedback – David Moore

What impacted you most from the presentation? Very interesting and useful explanation of what online church is all about. Dispelled a few myths and misunderstandings. What next steps are you planning? Planning to sign up to this and seek to inspire interested people in my church to run with this…. What did we do well […]

Willow on the Road with Lifechurch.tv Feedback – Roger Fairhead

What impacted you most from the presentation? The main thing that we got from today was how easy it is to form a ChurchOnline group, and how few people are needed to get involved to form a new group.   What next steps are you planning? We (Sue and I) would like to form a […]