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Run to the Pain: The Secret to Conflict Resolution

Feedback from GLS 2018 delegates indicated a need for further training in Communications Skills. Below is an article that tackles the critical area of conflict resolution. You can read the original article here and find more articles on Communication here.  There is a reality in the universe—tension and release. Storms show their fury, but soon […]

GLS Taster Session with Joseph Grenny
Difficult Conversations – Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny gives an injection of leadership wisdom at Willow Creek Community Church to launch The Global Leadership Summit 2014 season. Grenny focuses on disproportionate influence in critical moments and how to understand it from a leadership perspective. Find out more about the Global Leadership Summit 2014

Developing a Strategic Plan – Conflict

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: Conflict: Having the Tough Conversations Developing a Strategic Plan A. The situation Willow Creek’s ministries were each experiencing such growth and were focusing so much on their own areas that the church began to lose its identity. The ministry “fiefdoms” had existed unchallenged for so long that asking them to […]

Ministry Blunders: People Management

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: My Biggest Ministry Blunders Mark is an encourager by nature, so when he planted his church he would hire people that he believed he could empower and train to succeed. It turned out that they were unfulfilled and unable to do the job, but he felt he couldn’t let them go after […]