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Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 3 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership, cont. Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Before you answer that, let me tell you about a few leaders in our church. These people are fully following Christ and now they’re leading others spiritually but when they first came to our church it was downright messy: • Brian was an […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 2 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership I want to talk about messy spiritual leadership. I want to talk about the messy leadership required for the church to grow up out of the emerging cultural realities around us. The Apostle Paul writes to a very messy church in 1 Corinthians 3 and he says this, ‘I planted the seed, […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 1 – John Burke

Cultivating the Soil Every year I plant flowers around this big tree right in the middle of our front yard, but when I first made that flower bed I had to seek advice because, quite honestly, I’m not good with plants. My wife isn’t either. In fact, I think between the two of us, we’ve […]

A Leaders Gathering with John Burke – February 7th & 8th

We are very much looking forward to John Burke’s return visit in February. Do come with your leadership team if you can! Here’s some feedback from his 2010 visit for your interest: It was great to be taught by a leader of a large church who is down to earth and passionate about broken people.  […]

Defining Moments pic
Defining Moments | Making Multi-Generational Ministry Work

Jeff Lockyer, Jim Mellado with Craig Groeschel About this Episode When the generations do ministry together successfully, the Church thrives and God is glorified. But, when things go wrong, it can derail an otherwise thriving ministry. In this edition of Defining Moments, Jeff Lockyer, WCA Summit host pastor, will unpack the story of their extremely […]

GLS 2013: The Speakers

Greetings Friends   “Everyone wins when a leader gets better” – Bill Hybels   Increasingly we are dreaming of what our world could become when leaders from the church and all spheres of society resolve to lead better. We would begin to see the Kingdom of God unleashed in unparalleled ways. That’s why we host the […]

GLS 2013 Chicago Feedback – Various

Well, once again, it was amazing! Just under 100 leaders from the UK and Ireland attended the live event at Willow Creek and here is some of their feedback: I heard about GLS last year February (2012) and decided to go to Chicago in August to attend Global Leadership Summit. Last year after attending GLS […]

Bill Hybels’ ‘From Here to There’ – Review by Emma Lambert

Emma Lambert joined Willow Creek UK & Ireland for two weeks’ work experience from The King’s School, Fair Oak, Nr Southampton. Asked about her favourite subjects at school, she decisively answered “English” and “writing”, so we set her to task on various written assignments. In this assignment Emma was asked to review Bill Hybels’ session, ‘From Here […]

GLS Chicago almost fully booked – Graeme Paris

Greetings Friends This year’s Summit in Chicago is scheduled for 8-9 AUGUST and is almost sold out already! We have been informed that the main auditorium has sold out completely except for reserved seats. Fortunately, we have 100 seats reserved in the main auditorium UNTIL 20th MAY. Thereafter any remaining seats will be re-opened to US delegates.  At present, […]

Gordon MacDonald on iDisciple

Gordon MacDonald believes that the first responsibility of a church leader is to identify and cultivate new leaders.  How this might happen is the thrust of MacDonald’s theme “Going Deep” at iDisciple. He begins by asking what so-called deep leaders, once cultivated,  might actually look like.  MacDonald goes on to ask, how we find such […]