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Craig Groeschel
GLS Process Tools–Craig Groeschel–Becoming a Leader People Love To Follow–3

Process Tools from Craig Groeschel’s GLS 2018 session: Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow Willingness to Empower Craig says, “You can have control or you can have growth, but you can’t have both.” In what areas of your role and responsibilities do you fear releasing control? What is the main fear about giving up control in this area? Craig […]

Defining Moments pic
Defining Moments | Making Multi-Generational Ministry Work

Jeff Lockyer, Jim Mellado with Craig Groeschel About this Episode When the generations do ministry together successfully, the Church thrives and God is glorified. But, when things go wrong, it can derail an otherwise thriving ministry. In this edition of Defining Moments, Jeff Lockyer, WCA Summit host pastor, will unpack the story of their extremely […]