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Craig Groeschel
GLS Process Tools–Craig Groeschel–Becoming a Leader People Love To Follow–3

Process Tools from Craig Groeschel’s GLS 2018 session: Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow Willingness to Empower Craig says, “You can have control or you can have growth, but you can’t have both.” In what areas of your role and responsibilities do you fear releasing control? What is the main fear about giving up control in this area? Craig […]

Erwin McManus GLS 2018
The Secret to Living Without Fear—Erwin McManus—GLS 2018 Faculty Spotlight

Erwin McManus is not only the pastor of MOSAIC, a church known for its innovation, creativity, diversity and social entrepreneurism; he is also a cancer survivor, igniting a movement of leaders living lives with no regrets. We’re excited to have Erwin back at GLS 2018. Read this interview, originally published by Relevant Magazine, to learn more about his insights on how […]

Are You A Hero? – Helen Paris

In life we face many challenges, decisions and choices. For some people this is a very exciting aspect of life, they find within themselves a tap which when turned on produces an endless supply of positiveness, motivation and focus, often against very difficult circumstances that they themselves have not engendered. We all greatly admire these […]

Our True Identity – Helen Paris

We are so blessed in this beautiful country, although the economic crisis brings an uncertainty for all of us, we know that this can be an opportunity to show others what the Christian character can bring to a community. We still have freedom. I am in the middle of an interesting autobiography of a white […]

Courage – Helen Paris

I trust you have enjoyed the wonderful respite in the weather recently, of sunny days and temperatures that climbed unseasonably, but autumn is now well and truly here in all it’s glory. What a beautiful natural world we live in and aren’t we privileged to experience it so prolifically here in the UK. In other […]