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Preaching – Part 4 – Anthony Clarke

Preaching – Part 4 by Anthony Clarke, Tutor in Pastoral Studies and Community Learning, Regent’s Park College, Oxford Understand the Bible for Themselves One of the questions I want to explore in preaching seminars and classes is what preaching is really all about – not just the practical details of good sermons, but the whole purpose […]

Preaching – Part 3 – Anthony Clarke

Preaching – Part 3 by Anthony Clarke, Tutor in Pastoral Studies and Community Learning, Regent’s Park College, Oxford Tag-team Preaching An innovation in our church this year has been what we have called tag-team preaching. I wasn’t convinced about the wrestling analogy, but it has worked well. Although there are four quite experienced preachers involved in […]

Lessons For Young Leaders: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – Simon Powell

Here’s a little ‘hitlist’ of leadership wisdom on communication I am trying to implement more and more myself and finding it bearing much fruit: “Communicate Vision Communicate Early Communicate Widely Communicate Detail Communicate Often Communicate Successes” As an aside to young leaders – “I still find face-to-face produces deeper spiritual growth opportunities than facebook”. Simon […]

Becoming an Innovative Organisation Webcast – Jim Mellado & Guests

The pace of change today requires churches to follow one of two paths: Innovate or very quickly become irrelevant and ultimately ineffective in your core mission. This webcast series allowed leaders and teams to increase their personal and organizational capacity for innovation. The series was hosted by WCA President Jim Mellado and WCA Executive Vice-President […]

Let Us Pray, Drum and YouTube – James Emery White

Let Us Pray, Drum and YouTube by James Emery White (July 2009) “Let us pray, drum and YouTube.”   So went the recent headline in the London Telegraph.   According to Religious Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Wynne-Jones, “Christian services that feature DJs, songs by the Irish band U2 and prayers for the chief executives of Google […]

Out of the Culture – John Burke

What is Out of the Culture? from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: The western Church is continuing to lose ground in terms of the culture becoming the church. The average person in our culture doesn’t see that the message of Jesus is exactly what they’re seeking because there’s so much misconception on what it […]

The Highs and Lows of Leading an Arts & Worship Ministry Part 2

The Arts Roundtable: Five ministry leaders get together to discuss the highs and lows of leading an arts ministry Participants: Brian Petak, Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, Tennessee Butch Whitmire, Granger Community Church, Granger, Indiana Manuel Luz, Oak Hills Church, Folsom, California Amy Anderson, Eagle Brook Church, White Bear Lake, Minnesota Stan Durham, Fellowship of the […]

Church Website Excellence

During his last visit to the UK, James Emery White spoke of the importance of churches prioritising their website as a ministry tool because of the opportunities it presents to enquirers and members alike. Thus we are compiling a list of good ideas we come across on church websites which we hope will prove helpful in your website […]