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Culture Vulture – Part 4 – Chris Stoddard

Matt Wilson, National Director of the Eden Network talks about reaching people in relation to ‘turf’ and ‘terms’. We tend to structure our outreach around our terms and on our turf – come to us and we’ll evangelise you. The radical and potentially scary option is to do what Jesus did and go onto their […]

Culture Vulture – Part 3 – Chris Stoddard

We all see the world around us through a particular filter which we call our ‘world view’.  As believers we also tend to see the church through a filter as well and often can only imagine doing ‘church’ things in a particular way. The fact is that the culture around us is very different and […]

Culture Vulture – Part 2 – Chris Stoddard

Nearly 20 years ago as a Baptist pastor I was responsible for introducing Seeker Services to our church in Aylesbury which, looking back, required a huge change in our culture at the time. After 3 trial runs we committed to a weekly programme which lasted for 8 years. I naively thought people would quickly get […]

Culture Vulture – Part 1 – Chris Stoddard

‘Culture permeates all aspects of any society. It acts as the basic fabric that binds people together, it dictates tastes in music, clothes, and even the political and philosophical views of any group of people’ M. Jason Martin, University of Central Florida. A common definition of culture is –‘the way we do things around here’. […]

Jesus and Your Church 10 Years from Now

Come As You Are Conference MP3s and CDs Now Available Here The Sessions: Session 1 | Come As You Are With Your Truth James Emery White addresses truth, orthodoxy and the nature of the church in a world without absolutes. Session 2 | Asking the Right Questions As You Go John Burke on training congregations to […]

Postmodernity – The ally of the ancient? – Chris Walker

A fellow youth worker once told me a story of how she took a group of ‘churched’ and ‘non-churched’ young people to discuss youth issues with the local bishop. As she had come to expect from this particular bishop, he was greatly interested in what they had to say, so much so that time fled […]

How to Fail at Failing – James Emery White

How do you fail at failing? According to a recent article in Time magazine, all you have to do is study the recent collapse of Blockbuster. “Yes, the movie-rental firm was doomed,” Stephen Gandel writes, “But the ending could have been a lot better.” There was little doubt that the practice of driving to a store to rent […]

What Often Hangs in the Balance – James Emery White

In a recent profile of Nike CEO Mark Parker in Fast Company, a picture was shown of his sketch book where he outlined the “balances” he felt he must navigate as a leader. For Parker, it included such things as: Micro – Macro Quantity – Quality Art – Science Wholesale – Retail Premium – Value Brands […]