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Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 5

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead So would you say that you are now living out your calling? Finding your fit involves finding what doesn’t fit. Recently I went to my local gents outfitters to purchase a new suit (my old one had shrunk!). At the store, the outfitter prepared several suits for me […]

Bill Hybels
Leading from Here to There: The Power of Vision

  Session 1 of the leadership curriculum, Leading from Here to There. Duration: 29 minutes Process The main points were ____ This impacted me because ____ I’m going to takeaway ____ More details Leading from Here to There Curriculum    

Fredrik Haren
The Curious Creature of Habit – Fredrik Härén

Fredrik Härén, one of the world’s experts on creativity, spoke at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit 2017. The following excerpt is taken from his bestseller “The Idea Book.” Break Old Ways of Thinking We humans are curious creatures of habit. If we were not curious about the world, then we would still be living in […]

Bill Hybels
Ask Bill | How do you know when to move on?

—Question sent in from a UK/Ireland pastor matched with a relevant answer from 363gls.com Relevant answer: Have a question for Bill?: Please send your question to info@globalleadershipnetwork.org.uk.  

Top 5 Countdown
5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss #GLS17

  Not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? Here are 5 reasons you don’t want to miss #GLS17… 5. Learn from a diverse line-up of world-class leaders GLS17 will feature 13 world-class leaders from well-respected companies and organisations, including Facebook, Google, International Justice Mission, Camping World, Equal Justice Initiative and more. Regardless of where you […]

Going Deep – Dave Edwins

‘What might happen if a church made the development of deep people its highest priority? What if a church decided that it’s pastor’s greatest responsibility was to lead the effort to produce a continuous flow of deep people?’ Gordon MacDonald, Going Deep, Preface   It was during 2013 that we discovered Gordon MacDonald’s book Going Deep. […]

The Artisan Soul Seminar banner
The Artisan Soul Seminars with Erwin McManus

The Artisan Soul Seminar with Erwin McManus 12 February Stafford  |  14 February Bracknell     Overview | Speaker | Schedule | Brochure | Fees | Terms | BOOK HERE NOTE: 15{%} Discount until 30 January 2015: Use promotional code TAS15     About the Seminar It’s so critical that every human being understand that at their […]

One-to-one meeting
A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 4: The Plan – John Truscott

This time I build on the three foundations of job description, person profile and employment terms to create a plan for the worker that will give them a right balance of challenge and support. Getting that balance just right is your responsibility. It will be different for each person you manage. No, not easy! Personal […]