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Bill Hybels
Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership – Bill Hybels

Main points At some point in your life you realise that pretty much everything rises or falls on leadership Look at anything in the world that’s flourishing and you will be able to track it back to a leader or a leadership team that figured it out, took a bold move or tried something Look […]

Bill Hybels
GLS Session Preview–Bill Hybels

  Bill Hybels will open the GLS 2017 videocast by helping us reflect on the leadership story we find ourselves in—how it started, where it is now, and what happens next. In the process, Bill will provide principles for leading through some specific challenges today: Planting a leadership seed Leadership in an era divisiveness and disrespect […]

The Passion Lens of Leadership
The Passion Lens of Leadership

Consider your level of passion – how can you keep your passion bucket full and not just affect, but infect, others with passion? At the 2016 Summit opening session Bill Hybels discussed the lenses of leadership, four different lenses that impact a leader’s perspective. In this Defining Moments Jeff Lockyer interviews John Maxwell, a leadership expert, best-selling author and coach, on […]

Don't just focus on getting the right people on the bus. Get the wrong people off the bus, too

Notes from Defining Moments episode, ‘Leading Givers and Takers,’ with Bill Hybels and Jeff Lockyer. Takers can do a huge amount of damage. Identifying takers: When someone uses “I” instead of “we” statements. People who are employed by churches are not perfect – they have not come from ideal backgrounds or circumstances. Many people become […]

Focusing on the wildly important

This verse* is from Chris McChesney’s GLS talk last week in Chicago. If, like me, you are prone to setting too many projects and goals with a counterproductive effect, his message will be very helpful to you! He says, “Execution doesn’t like complexity; the two best friends of execution are simplicity and transparency…” and he […]

Loving Leadership

As we look ahead to this year’s GLS, here’s a poignant extract from Bill Hybels’ 2015 talk on The Intangibles of Leadership: “Last week I read 1st Corinthians 13 with my leadership lenses on and here’s how it read… If I cast vision with the tongues of men and angels and have not love, I’m a noisy gong […]

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Learning Through Challenges

Ever had a project not go to plan? 18 months ago we wanted to improve the member website and went with a company that seemed to ‘get’ what we were after. Things went well at first. They had the basic site up in no time allowing us to fill it with hundreds of resources whilst […]


Dear Friends, I was privileged to attend a coaching session with Bill Hybels the other week when a number of church leaders had the opportunity of questioning Bill about their leadership challenges. Towards the end of the session, Bill talked about total devotion and what he said reminded me of these words from Philippians: So […]

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The Resilient Life – Part 1

Gordon MacDonald and Bill Hybels with Nancy Beach Defining Moments episode, 2006   Summary What does it mean to live a Resilient Life? And what impact does resilience, or the lack of it, have on your life and ministry? Gordon MacDonald joins Bill Hybels and host, Nancy Beach for this issue of Defining Moments. Gordon […]

Are You Having Fun?

Photo Credit: Joe St.Pierre, Creative Commons Are you having fun? It’s a question I heard Bill Hybels mention that he sometimes asks of staff members. Fun?! It’s not always the first word that springs to mind in the midst of a busy, must-do schedule. But from his tone of voice, you could tell Bill was […]