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GLS Webinar – Require Civility to Lead – Shola Richards – 9 February


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Around the world, there is a growing sense that civility has been traded for a lesser form of discourse. We’re not only disagreeing, we’re dividing. As leaders, it is our role to lead culture back to civility.

At the forefront of this charge is Shola Richards, a workplace civility expert and CEO of Go Together Global.

Join Shola as he explores practical ways to lead yourself and others in this endeavour, including:

  • eliminating what weakens us
  • the distinction between being kind and nice, and
  • becoming leaders that leave a wake of civility in our path.
This webinar will help you grow in:
  • Leading Yourself—Character, Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Others—Conflict Management, Culture, Influence, Servant Leadership

Shola Richards

Founder & CEO, Go Together Global; Workplace Civility Expert; Best-Selling Author

Shola Richards on What Stops People from Choosing Civility


Shola Richards is a best-selling author and sought-after workplace civility expert whose work has been featured on the Today ShowCBSForbesBlack Enterprise and numerous additional publications around the world.

Recognised as an authority on workplace happiness and engagement, Richards’ articles and wildly popular “Positivity Solution” series have reached readers in over 160 countries.

He is the Founder and CEO of Go Together Global, having shared his transformative message with leading healthcare organisations, top universities, Silicon Valley, the motion picture industry and on the TEDx stage; his greatest honour being the keynote speaker for the Department of Homeland Security three days before the 15th Anniversary of 9/11.

A self-professed “kindness extremist”, Richards equips and inspires leaders to put positivity, strong energy, massive bravery, tremendous dedication and relentless humanity in the workforce to create collaborative, safe and healthy work environments where people thrive.

Richards is a best-selling author whose research is featured in his books, Making Work Work and Go Together.

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Who is this really for? This event is primarily for Christians who want to become better leaders and use their influence to make a difference – whether in church, business, school, the arts, or other sectors of society.
Is it a live event? Each GLS Webinar is a live event using a pre-recorded talk from the Summit in Chicago. We select the best talks based on feedback and provide live facilitation to help you process key takeaways.
What does it include? Each webinar runs from 12 pm - 1 pm and provides:


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  • Connection with like-minded leaders
  • Ongoing development in key competencies

Do I get access to Video-on-Demand? A replay of each webinar is made available on our website for GLN Partnership subscribers.
Will it still have times for discussions? Yes, GLS process time is a crucial part of the experience, helping you to discuss key takeaways and determine next steps. Each talk will be followed by 20 minutes process time.
Do I have to participate? Not necessarily. The webinar is an interactive experience according to your preferences – take part or just take notes or both!
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