Staying Out Because You Have Discerned God’s Vision For You

  • Staying out on mission requires vision – what you see happening where you are, how your church can shape the surrounding culture
  • For Peter it was Joel’s vision Acts 2:15-21

Staying out requires vision. The Lord’s vision to Peter and the twelve was Joel’s vision – Acts 2:17-21, unimaginable to the society at the time.

  • What vision has God given your church?

Vision, faith and hard work are the ingredients of growth in any church.

  • Vision without the other two just leads to a church of visionaries!
  • The Holy Spirit will do His work and He expects you to do yours.

Kate talked about clarifying, revisiting and working at the vision.

  • This is actually back to the “mission before the mission.”
  • Peter got stuck at certain points in the vision. Look at Acts 10, Galatians 2 and Acts 15 (the point where it was able to move forward again).