Seeking Out Opportunities in the Community


To work with what the Holy Spirit is doing.


Kate made the point that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world, not just in the Church. He was at work before we came along (Genesis 1). The disciples did not see this until they left the Upper Room and saw the crowds had moved to meet them.

What do you think of this statement from Chris Lane, author of “Ordinary Miracles” (the story of his church plant in an inner city estate notorious for crime and deprivation. He has been there for 18 years):

“The role of the Church today is to join in with God’s mission, Jesus’ mission to the world. He is making all things new. The Christian hope of Jesus’ return to put the world to rights doesn’t mean that we just sit around waiting for Him to come. Quite the opposite. It means we are to anticipate the future, to be sign posts showing what it is going to be like.” (Joel’s vision in other words)

In your situation:

  1. Is it right to set up a rival group in your community or join an existing one to support it and meet non-Christians naturally?
  2. Mission is often something we “do” to people or “for” them. Should you be doing things “with” them?
  3. Should your prayer be, ‘Lord, what are you already doing here and how can we join in?”

(these three points are from Chris Lane’s experience)