The Need to Break Free from the “Upper Room” Mentality

  • The willingness to engage in the “mission before the mission”
  • The move from Acts 2:1 (in the room) to Acts 2:14 (in front of the crowd)

Kate described the Upper Room as many things. To the disciples it was initially a place where they were afraid (John 20:19), then where they met Christ and where they waited for further instructions (Acts1:8, 1:13-14, 2:1). It was in turn a special place, a place of safety, a hiding place and a place where they encountered the Holy Spirit.

  1. For us it is not necessarily a place but a mindset, an attitude of heart, a Spiritual comfort zone. Are you hiding, or stuck, or feeling threatened or too comfortable to leave the upper room?
  2. Are you waiting for the Lord to move when He is actually waiting for you to do the same?
  3. Are you resting on what you have already achieved?
  4. In summary, what attitudes are holding back you and your fellowship from moving into the vision that the Lord has for you?
  5. How did the disciples get out of that Upper Room to face the crowds?