DCL 1.1 Meditation | Full Devotion

A message by John Ortberg.

We are spiritually thirsty people. Jesus came promising spiritual water. Yet, even though we know him and have been saved by him, many of us are still thirsty. We fall prey to many spiritual traps. Sometimes we try harder. Sometimes we pretend things are better than they are. We make rededications, or change churches, or seek spiritual highs. After a while, we may even give up hope. But if the Bible is true, and God has provided for our thirst, there has to be water somewhere. According to Jesus, a spiritual river, a fountain of endless refreshment, runs through life. We must find that flow and step into it. It is not something we can manufacture, but like ocean waves, God keeps sending us one opportunity after another.


(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting.)



John uses the beautiful biblical image of living waters, flowing freely, in, through and out from the core of our being.

Take a few moments to consider this image – that God’s Holy Spirit is perhaps like a river – flowing all of the time. John prayed at the end that we might ‘open ourselves to these rivers of living water’. What does that mean for you at this time in your life? Reflect as you consider how you can remain in the flow of God’s Holy Spirit – both aware and submitted.

Give thanks to God for His living water and ask for His refreshing in your very core.


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