DCL 4.6 Instruction | Enjoy the Return of Bottom-Line Thinking

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor and Shaun Blakeney, Student Ministry Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

Most people see bottom-line thinking as related only to the financial world. They see it as financial profit or loss. If you are accustomed to thinking of the bottom line as it relates to financial matters, then you may be missing some things crucial to you and your ministry. Bottom-line thinking is really about results or outcome. Bottom-line thinking asks, “Are we accomplishing our mission?”


Bottom-line Thinking Can Help You:

1.  Provide clarity as you measure results.

2.  Assess the value of all your activities.

3.  Make better decisions.

4.  Keep your team focused on the target.

5.  Increase your odds of long-term success.


How to Become a Bottom-line Thinker:

1.  Decide what you want to accomplish.

2.  Create a strategic plan to achieve the bottom-line goal.

3.  Align all your activities with the bottom line.

4.  Align the team members with the bottom line.

5.  Make bottom-line thinking a way of life.

6.  Monitor the bottom line continually.



  • Have you thought about the bottom line for your life?
  • Do you know why you are doing what you are doing in your life and ministry?




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