DCL 5.6 Instruction | Plan for After You Get Back Up

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor and Shaun Blakeney, Student Ministry Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

We have all failed and some of us have developed the persistence to keep getting up after being knocked down. But aren’t you getting weary of getting up only to be knocked down again without making any forward progress? What you need is a plan for what to do after you have gotten back up. Try using these steps:

1.  Reaffirm your goal.

2.  Stay on course.

3.  Move forward with your plan.

4.  Take risks.

5.  Don’t let mistakes stop you.

6.  Reevaluate your progress.

7.  Develop new strategies to succeed.

8.  Determine to finish well.


Every time you plan, risk, fail, re-evaluate and adjust, you have another opportunity to begin again, only better than the last time. As the famous inventor, Thomas Edison, said as his laboratory burned to the ground, “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start again fresh.”

If you are willing to stay determined, work according to your plan, and keep getting up when you get knocked down, you will be able to achieve your goals – and someday your dreams.

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